Aesthetics does not deserve to be seen primarily as the province of the art world

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On the Peirce List
there is an opportunity
to discuss with
persons who know far more
than I
the ins and outs of
a philosophy
Here is a response to
the contention that
the main triad of
triadic philosophy
Reality Ethics Aesthetics
If you are interested
there is much more on this
at the link above.

Triadic Philosophy is rooted in three interdependent terms. Without the three in the order they have there is no substance to it. The three terms Reality Ethics and Aesthetics signify the Sign, the Index and the Active element which is the Aesthetic. The entire triad and indeed the entire "philosophy" is an explicit method of generating actual conduct by individuals. It may have other implications but this has from the start been the reason for presenting the triad exactly as it is and as a fixed means of engaging in conscious thought that can lead to conscious expressions or actions. 

Aesthetics does not deserve 
to be seen primarily 
as the province of the art world (Danto). 
It  underlies 
as Shakespeare understood 
the world itself. 
Were I an accredited philosopher 
with the capacity to influence thought, 
I would certainly stake 
a career or two 
on this contention. 

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