Triadic Philosophy advocates conspicuous restraint

The Slow as Molasses Press

The books on triadic philosophy
at the link above
are all related to
the theme of the text below
which is how to 
put an end
to violence
and thus to most harm
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All of us
have raised our hand
at some point
and most of us
have allowed 
a blow
to be struck
There is only
one way
Triadic Philosophy
can help us
When we are
seeking to
in order to
for wrong done
our voices should be
No No No No
but our arms
should be embracing
the perpetrator
in a confession
of one's helplessness
to stop the action
Because the action 
will continue
in some form
And it can only
be broken 
by an act
of conspicuous restraint
which says
It Stops Here

Evil is measured by relative degrees of harm.

Evil is measured by relative degrees of harm. To be delivered from evil  is to be  free from receiving or inflicting abuse.  Bully...