One point of synthesis with Peirce

Triadic Philosophy definitely begins with the individual observer. And with whatever comes up that he or she decides to attend to or consider. For example, I went for a stroll just now and thought and what came up was Peirce List. All I do when something comes up is run the terms of my ethics (aka index) through my head and maybe say something as to how they seem to apply. Tolerance, democracy, helpfulness, non-idolatry. Then I utter in a mildly mantra-ish way to myself the linked terms truth-beauty and beauty-truth. Finally, I ask myself for an expression or action and clearly this is placing truth and beauty at the top of my sense of the aesthetic and therefore of active performance of life. 

I mention this as a prelude to saying that there is no effort on my part ever to correlate, synch or otherwise harmonize my work with that of Peirce. There are vast areas of the 70,000 pages of Peirce extant that are either unfamiliar or beyond my comprehension. In particular, I have found Peirce's categories and terminology to impose a burden which would not be bearable if I felt it was the only way I could benefit from what I do grasp what he is saying.  My deficiencies in math and related fields are so pronounced that I cannot read many of the posts that come to the Peirce and related lists. So it should be obvious that what I am propounding is first of all an original method of improving life by the use of memorial maxims (CSP's term) and secondly, over time, an expanding effort to justify some precepts that may or may not be Peirce-related - among them realism, continuity or in my terms chronology and syntropy by which I mean the possible trumping of entropy..

Having said all that, I would add that a person more familiar with Pierce than I would be in the best position to create any harmonies that may be shown to exist. 

Finally, I do have one point of synthesis with Peirce. My mother's family and the Pers family arrived in Watertown, MA, at the same time, perhaps on the same boat. There is merely supposition here, but I was struck in learning several things about Peirce that resonated with my own life, not the least in terms of oddly outsider resumes rising from lives of considerable privilege. 

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