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The rubber meets the road when we practice Triadic Philosophy. The way this is done involves stopping. This may be in solitude or in a crowd. The practice is simply responding to a series of keywords that you bring up. In order they are: 


When you start you develop your own mode. Simply allow it to roll out. Here is a sample in which the word that I used to name the reality is Diversity:  

Reality: Diversity


Tolerance: This very process of using a template for conscious considering of actions is an acknowledgement of the reality of diversity, even as we consider things in terms of the highest of values and the most efficacious triad for moving from signs (words) through ethics to aesthetics (the state of action and expression). The glory of tolerance is its recognition of incredible diversity and its affirmation that all of this diversity has universal meaning. Each has within the stuff, the patterns, the reality that infuses all creation.

Democracy: In a functioning constitutional democracy, like the United States, we reckon with diversity constantly and battle over how we will apportion our abundance. Back and forth we go and in doing so (when our better angels rule) we progress. Without democracy the possibility of ethical action diminishes. Ultimately democracy will be the polity that underlies the entire world. Imperfect, fallible, but the best system for the realization of all.

Helpfulness: Diversity becomes helpful to the extent that its virtues are manifest. When we become aware that it is in the gifts of all that we most shine forth, we hold up diversity as a banner of fulfillment, not a cause for fear and resentment. On the other hand as the world moves more toward consciousness, we see that one of the least helpful syndromes is the tendency of individual elements in a gathering to assume that they possess the truth that must apply to all. This is accentuated when groups idolize their own benchmarks to the exclusion of others virtues. The bottom line is that help should be equally available to all regardless.

Non-idolatry: There is no idolatry more insidious than that which rises from such forces as nationalism, religious prejudice and racial or cultural bias. All of these tend to create hierarchies based on false premises. Ultimately all elements of our diverse humanity contain the same potentials, the same mental capacities and the same status as members of the universal human family. Humility is the main application of non-idolatry to diversity. Humility before the fallibility that exists universally and thanksgiving for the grace that enables any individual to make progress.


Truth Beauty: Diversity is literally the foundation of life itself. We cannot begin to think at all unless anything that rises meets something that is not it, something different, something that it must relate to in order to even emerge into consciousness. The act of thinking spawns an infinite diversity.


Diversity is reality. 


Celebrate diversity.

The Stupidity of Violence April 22, 2018

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