Practicing Non Idolatry

The Slow as Molasses Press

When you
have imbibed
and set your will to
abide by and
and act
and speak for
the three active values
you are ready
to consider
what it would mean
to practice the root
core value 

Leave it all to Abba
or whatever name you give
to the highest one
with whom you confer

What does that mean

It means you do not 
worry about what to do
you simply do
all the tools
and utilities
you possess
from having studied
Triadic Philosophy
and Abba's Way

The short answer is
that nothing is
nothing is demanded
you simply are
and what you do comes out of you
from your heart

By honing practice
of the three active values
you become positioned
to practice non-idolatry
which is trust
that you are in
good hands 

You are free

Evil is measured by relative degrees of harm.

Evil is measured by relative degrees of harm. To be delivered from evil  is to be  free from receiving or inflicting abuse.  Bully...