Triadic Philosophy in a nutshell

The Slow as Molasses Press

Triadic Philosophy is a ground-breaking way of thinking that is universal.  Anyone can and should do it.  It can be explained simply.  It is a way of thinking in threes.  First,  we take a reality we want to deal with. Next,  we run that reality past the terms tolerance, democracy, helpfulness and non-idolatry. This is the universal ethical index of Triadic Philosophy. Finally,  we consider a response that aspires to truth and beauty. Three stages - Reality, Ethics, Aesthetics.   C. S. Peirce said [EP2:258], "Whenever we set out to do anything we ‘go upon’, we base our conduct on facts already known."  He added that our conduct can only rise from memory when our investigations have been "made and reduced to a memorial maxim.”  He is right. We literally imbibe the values by which we live, turning them into the agenda of our minds.