We Can Choose the Values We Live By

We are capable of consciously choosing the values by which we live.

We are capable of creating syntropic hypotheses and to express and act according to our sense of truth and beauty.

We are capable of countering entropic tendencies.

We make history, not the other way around.

We are not necessarily the only us in the universe(s). But we can infer the likelihood that what we have within us is also within "them".

Despite an often dismal record which persists to this day around the world in obvious shapes and forms, our tendency is in the direction of more consciousness and adherence to better values. This is because of the perceived advantages to all of this way of being.

The triad which supports this sense of things is transparently efficacious and underlies what I call Triadic Philosophy {see Triadic Philosophy 100 Aphorisms eBook: Stephen C. Rose: Kindle Store} - thinking consciously in threes. It is Reality Ethics Aesthetics.

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From Binary to Triadic April 23, 2018

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