Why I Don't Go To Church Memoir Fiction

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It is 7:55 AM, Monday, March 31, 2014. One hundred years from Peirce's death. When Peirce was read out of the academy he moved up toward Port Jervis and had dreams of turning a property there into a center from which his elocutions would span the globe. It was the same dream that was instilled in me by Dr. Wolfe. Do something different, Stephen. This doesn't work." The difference must eliminate once and for all the notion of a deity separate from reality itself. It is reality we have been trying to parse. Reality which contains mystery, within it not beyond it. The language inherited by the churches is incapable of stating the truth in the same breath with which it utters the creeds. Abba is the name Jesus gave to the one to whom he prayed. This is not the name of the deity who is nameless and therefore will not reveal a name, This deity is the very essence of everything. This deity is our potentiality. Abba is the name Jesus gave of the one who will speak to you when you address reality.

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