Bedrock Phenomenology

Is Triadic Philosophy a track worth the traveling? Today I got a comment regarding the text noted below that said in part  "Peirce's three categories as phenomenological bedrock has not been exploited, in my opinion ..." This seems to me to underline the possibility that by employing the terms Icon, Index and Symbol as the root and allowing our minds to supply what we muse to be relevant representations we can develop productive philosophy that addresses everyday issues triadically. This is somewhat like what I did initially after my jump to Reality, Ethics and Aesthetics as the three fundamental steps (Icon, Index, Symbol) of conscious thought in Triadic Philosophy. Taking anything as the reality, posing an ethical "blunt truth" and then moving to a suggestion of an aesthetic expression and/or action would fill (symbolize) the bill for a pedagogy based on this mode of thinking. The text that the comment above references is here:

Changing Your Heart and Mind: Triadic Philosophy in A Nut Shell http://buff.ly/1CijFgk

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