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Triadic Philosophy 100 Aphorisms http://buff.ly/1CPSb1C
Triadic philosophy is an evolution of the Christian religion from its enclosed institutional form into a universal spirituality.

It takes the heading Abba’s Way. It is essentially a daily discipline and an attitude toward life which is optimistic but which sees there is good and evil. It works toward universal nonviolence.

It employs the name Abba rather than God. It takes as a basic text The Lord’s Prayer which Jesus addressed to Abba. Universal forgiveness and a rejection of binary thinking in favor of a triadic approach are its fundamental features.

It rejects Christian messianism. It sees Jesus as one with Abba and contends that all are in a similar relationship as they attain consciousness and practice Abba's Way.

It affirms the universal values of Jesus whose fruits are justice, truth and beauty. It operates on a basic triad of Reality Ethics and Aesthetics. It is pragmaticist because it  aims at and sometimes achieves achieves truth and beauty in expression and action.


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