Car-free. compact cybercommunities

Car-free. compact cybercommunities provide the opportunity to revive old practices that work.

A child in a cyber-community would have a chance to see close up models for all manner of careers.

Apprenticeship will become a more and more commmon mode of completing an "education".

Education will be age-free. People of all ages will pursue things as they wish according to curiosity.
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Schools in cybercommunities

Schools in cyber-communities could be small nodes built around all subjects of interest.

The driving energy behind education should be curiosity.

The driving energy behind achievement should be individually determined benchmarks.

Interest, not age, should be the major factor in the choice of one's studies.

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Reject today's stratified living patterns

No small aspect of building cyber-communities is to give choice to those who reject today's stratified living patterns.

Building a car-free cybercommunity for 10,000 persons is no more challenging than creating a stadium that can seat 50,000.

The new pattern of shopping envisioned for cybercommunities creates expert-staffed, walk-to cyber-kiosks where purchases can be made for home delivery.

Kiosks in cybercommunities could be category-based, putting up on large screens the best and most economical choices from around the world.  

In America I see the interstate system is a boon to the growth of car-free cybercommunities in the areas least vulnerable to extreme weather.

The expense of living in a cybercommunity could be vastly less than the expense of owning cars and paying mortgage, upkeep and maintenance for a house.

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