Some difficult fiction for the hardy soul

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It's time to tweet again. I do my tweets six days in advance. If something strikes me I dripfeed it and almost a week from now I shall look at my Twitter stream and see how many favorites it has from those who Justin Bieber follows or others among my 140,000 followers. I am a leader, that's for sure. Here waiting for the birds to land and the drip to end and flagellating myself not really for being immune to empathy for the dead. I have this thing about death ever since I read something about the patterns of the cosmos that suggested to me that there is a way things move that is entirely different than we are aware of and that that makes death itself something we need not lament or well we only lament it from our point of view. Face it.  I am just immune to empathy. That's all there is to it. I will not seek therapy now. I am too old and I see no one anymore. I cannot even imagine my Twitter verse.  Or is it Twitterverse. I invite new people daily. If they do not accept I unfollow them four days hence. I take pleasure in not following and pleasure in watching my followers increase in number. I shall get to a million and still have no fame. I do not want fame. I want change. Am I being honest? I am being very honest. I can take some sorts of pain, the medical kind, the post-prostrate inability to pee ten out of ten pain., But I cannot take the pain of ills I do not know. The social pain. The pain of fame. The pain of expectations.  Of being observed and thought to be what I might be, but cannot see myself as becoming. It is a crime that another's eye can glom what I can miss for decades. Forever perhaps. I rarely tweet the same things. I write them as I go along. I have been at this keyboard for more than three decades a full third of all my days, willing the world to change so it will be following the trajectory of my own imagining, Even though I know that if that happened the world would stop entirely. Immediately. No wonder I have no empathy.

Some Stones don't Roll
is the harrowing true tale
of a relationship between
the writer and a
person who happened
to be diagnosed as a
but unknown as such 
to the writer
It may well become
a classic in
the literature of
how we deal
with violence 
in our culture
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These words alone can change all lives

Originally the Lord's Prayer ends "deliver us from evil".

My Metrical Version:

Abba whose home in heaven is
Hallowed and holy is your name
Let your realm come your will be done
Til earth and heaven are the same

Give us this day our daily bread
Forgive the wrongs that we have done
As we forgive those who do wrong
Lead us not into temptation

Deliver us from evil, Lord
And safely guide us to your shore
Yours is the power to heal and mend
Yours is the glory evermore

If you wish to be a Nomad of the Universe 
and a Triadic Philosopher
then cotton to this singable
version of
the Lord's Prayer


Because it contains
the whole of reality
within its twelve lines
what keeps the world running

That would be

Here is the purpose of life
To make the world heavenly

Here is our chance to
talk to Abba daily

Do not pass it by

Sing it to any tune you like
Chant it
Read it
Share it
Believe me

These words alone
can change all lives

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Digital Art Series One Rocks

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Digital Art is a groundbreaking way 
to jog the mind with words and images.
Go to the Kindle site and read the free sample.
Then purchase the book for less than you might guess.
Then treasure it as a companion 
whenever your mind
needs a jog.

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What Does "We" Mean?

"All people" is my definition of "we" in the following statement:  "We are inevitably social. We are capable of achieving a sense of universality. This universal sense distinguishes Triadic Philosophy." Triadic philosophy regards most accepted divisions among human beings as secondary to a fundamental unity which transcends them all.

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One point of synthesis with Peirce

Triadic Philosophy definitely begins with the individual observer. And with whatever comes up that he or she decides to attend to or consider. For example, I went for a stroll just now and thought and what came up was Peirce List. All I do when something comes up is run the terms of my ethics (aka index) through my head and maybe say something as to how they seem to apply. Tolerance, democracy, helpfulness, non-idolatry. Then I utter in a mildly mantra-ish way to myself the linked terms truth-beauty and beauty-truth. Finally, I ask myself for an expression or action and clearly this is placing truth and beauty at the top of my sense of the aesthetic and therefore of active performance of life. 

I mention this as a prelude to saying that there is no effort on my part ever to correlate, synch or otherwise harmonize my work with that of Peirce. There are vast areas of the 70,000 pages of Peirce extant that are either unfamiliar or beyond my comprehension. In particular, I have found Peirce's categories and terminology to impose a burden which would not be bearable if I felt it was the only way I could benefit from what I do grasp what he is saying.  My deficiencies in math and related fields are so pronounced that I cannot read many of the posts that come to the Peirce and related lists. So it should be obvious that what I am propounding is first of all an original method of improving life by the use of memorial maxims (CSP's term) and secondly, over time, an expanding effort to justify some precepts that may or may not be Peirce-related - among them realism, continuity or in my terms chronology and syntropy by which I mean the possible trumping of entropy..

Having said all that, I would add that a person more familiar with Pierce than I would be in the best position to create any harmonies that may be shown to exist. 

Finally, I do have one point of synthesis with Peirce. My mother's family and the Pers family arrived in Watertown, MA, at the same time, perhaps on the same boat. There is merely supposition here, but I was struck in learning several things about Peirce that resonated with my own life, not the least in terms of oddly outsider resumes rising from lives of considerable privilege. 

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Some Ties Between Triadic Philosophy and Charles Sanders Peirce

I see the pragmatic maxim as a foundational insistence that all thought move toward some experimental process by which it can be validated. Thus in matters of religion, which can be described as supposition, the PM might place some weight on the experience Peirce describes in the NA (Neglected Argument). The implication being that the process of musement can lead to better expressions and behaviors.

Triadic Philosophy holds this point of view explicitly and argues that there is an inherent, positive result (reduction of possible harm) in conscious consideration of signs in terms of Reality Ethics and Aesthetics, using the ethical index of democracy, helpfulness, tolerance and non-idolatry and the aesthetic prod to truth-beauty, beauty-truth to create a positive expression or result.

The Neglected Argument of Peirce is not something I read before developing Triadic Philosophy.

Much of Triadic Philosophy is an amalgamation of about 10 years spent wrestling with Neitzsche (including a trip to Sils-Maria), decades of involvement with a critique of Christianity focusing on creedal messianism and experience in the world of mental health and with the thinking behind Roberto Assagioli's Psythosynthesis.

I saw Peirce as the generator of TP because his realistic premises seemed to me immensely relevant for now and the future. So I sit somewhat light to the text of NA and happily advance my own experience of using the elements of Triadic Philosophy to achieve results similar to those suggested by Peirce in NA and elsewhere.

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