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Getting rearranged is a daily activity of nomads of the universe

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Car free means transporting us some way that doesn't guzzle fossil fuels
Doing what you wish you had done is more or less an invitation to  immediate bucket-listing
Getting rearranged is a  daily activity of nomads  of the universe

To get a sense of where all this is coming from try getting some bedtime reading from my press above You will make me very happy and maybe find some way you never thought about

Welcome to Short Form Content aka Triadic Philosophy

The Slow as Molasses Press
I continue to see the Web as the tipping point in the struggle to move beyond superstition and ignorance to a values-based secularity that serves all persons fairly and with respect.  
Below I have noted past welcomes that seem still relevant.

Triadic Philosophy is the culmination of many years of developing a way of thought that integrates all areas of life.

In any case, welcome. Please email me at steverose at gmail if you have any questions. Cheers. S
Twitter remains my focus. I feel very confident that we (active Twitter folk) have had immense influence in tagging Romney as a cop imitator, a vulture capitalist and an inept candidate not ready for prime time. In addition we have influenced the narrative so that now the public knows about the GOP Conspiracy to block Obama from day one. I am keenly aware that other things I care about are getting short shrift. But I am ever more aware that I am not able yet to communicate these things with the ease need…

The Slow as Molasses Press

The Slow as Molasses Press

The Slow as Molasses Press is either a total failure or the best hidden source of the future online

Why Does President Obama Frustrate Knee Jerk Critics?

The Slow as Molasses Press
WhyBecauseThe President isa Pragmaticist 
The url takes you to Wikipedia,  to an article that is actually  salient and quite thorough. 
It explains what I take to be the President's philosophy
I would add only  that there is an aspect  of Peirce that  seems metaphysical.  It is this  and his somewhat vague use  of ethics and aesthetics  that makes his insistence  on pragmaticism  helpful in distinguishing him  from the garden varieties  of pragmatists.

Since we are all fallible and incomplete  we can all build as we will  and see if the houses fall or no This is the theme of the texts at my press above. Check them out.

We value therefore we are

The Slow as Molasses Press
We valuethereforewe are
Tolerance is one of the three ontological actionvalues
You can getstartedbyheeding the textsatmy press above

Triadic Philosophy Is A Twitter Experiment - Video

Can repeating thingsto yourselfmake your life better?

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When pain is lost in plenitude

What isthe truethe beautifulthat rises fromour hurtIt is thatpain is lostin plenitudeThat harm doneis undonein joyoustoleranceIt is thatall down inthat nether realmof biliousnessis strained on its way upuntil itsform conformswith reconciliation
Unless evil is leechedof its sad forcea clinging memorypermitsno future course

The Slow as Molasses Press

Hurtful words

Hurtful wordsenable actions of transcendencewhich substantiatethe transitfrom hurt to the next momentwhen you breathe inthe salific airof newnessand recallthe stolid state of alland the summonsacross the arches of timeCome unto meall you who heavy laden areand I will give yourestAnd in musica rest is alwaysprelude toanother breathto salve thoselittle woundsand enablea savingforgetfulness

The Slow as Molasses Press