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Non-idolatry. Aesthetics. TruthBeauty, BeautyTruth.

The Slow as Molasses Press
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Reality. Word. Ethics. Tolerance, helpfulness, democracy. Non-idolatry. Aesthetics. TruthBeauty, BeautyTruth. Expression. Act.

When we begin doing Triadic Philosophy we will soon acknowledge that all words have power and that we are the captains of our lives. By embracing reality we embrace all. By naming what comes up we acknowledge that we are namers. By considering ethics and running over its index of master values we are orienting ourselves to reality, opposing it with ethical speed bumps. As we do the ethics part, the aesthetic is already present, prompting us to think of the expressions and actions that reflect truthbeauty, beautytruth. Lest you think this is an effete pursuit, not appropriate for rough and tumble, simply let rough be your word and run through the words. You will see that rough leads you through a thicket in w…

Reality. Word. Ethics. Tolerance, helpfulness, democracy. Non-idolatry.

The Slow as Molasses Press
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The rubber meets the road when we practice Triadic Philosophy. The way this is done involves stopping. This may be in solitude or in a crowd. The practice is simply responding to a series of keywords that you bring up. In order they are: 


When you start you develop your own mode. Simply allow it to roll out. Here is a sample in which the word that I used to name the reality is Diversity:  
Reality: Diversity
Tolerance: This very process of using a template for conscious considering of actions is an acknowledgement of the reality of diversity, even as we consider things in terms of the highest of values and the most efficacious triad for moving from signs (words) through ethics to aesthetics (the state of action and expre…

Practicing Non Idolatry

The Slow as Molasses Press
When youhave imbibedand set your will toabide by andexemplifyand actand speak forthe three active valuestolerancehelpfulnessand democracyyou are readyto considerwhat it would meanto practice the rootcore value non-idolatry
Leave it all to Abbaor whatever name you giveto the highest onewith whom you confer
What does that mean
It means you do not worry about what to doyou simply dousingall the toolsand utilitiesyou possessfrom having studiedTriadic Philosophyand Abba's Way

The short answer isthat nothing isrequirednothing is demandedyou simply areand what you do comes out of youfrom your heart
By honing practiceof the three active valuesyou become positionedto practice non-idolatrywhich is trustthat you are ingood hands 
You are free