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Millionaires got there without paying their fair share

Millionaires Don't Pay Taxes? 1,470 of America's Richest Didn't, According to IRS - Digg

Nice to be a millionaire And pay no taxes ever And just in case the GOP says We won't tax you NEVER!

PS: Millionaire is not a proper term to describe the wealthy. Indeed the most vicious reality in the US is the poverty among Blacks and Latinos whose income and wealth is roughly 20 percent of that of white middle class families.
There is nothing more true than that the GOP resistance to taxes on the "wealthy" is the most culpable action of all in this crisis.

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How two years of GOP hate and obstruction has helped poverty go under the bottom

Barbara Ehrenreich: Nickel and Dimed (2011 Version)
Every time I read an objective view which details the extent of harm being done to the poor in this country I first see in my minds eye the Roberts Court who gave us George Bush the Second. And then I see the Congressional GOP as a lockstep group. And I turn back to what I am reading and more often than not see our President blamed for being weak. This is laughable. Our president has been superhuman in the face of an assault no less virulent than that Lincoln faced, and over the same issues. Read the above any way you like but if you do not agree that the GOP owns the lions share of this crime against the poor, then I will dial down my hopes for 2012 by one person.

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At least McNamara ended up done in by his role as defense secretary

'Tortured' veterans to sue Rumsfeld - Americas - Al Jazeera English: "In early 2006, they were taken into custody by US military forces and eventually taken to Camp Cropper near Baghdad's airport. Vance and Ertel claimed they were subjected to harsh interrogations and physical and emotional abuse."

Rumsfeld not so much. And sadly the Obama administration wants this case to go away.

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There are two ways to end the nuclear madness

Anger in Japan Over Withheld Radiation Forecasts -
The first way to end nuclear madness is to stop our warring and tack consumer economies and create an economy that is aimed at helping people, all people, lead productive and creative lives. Such an approach will preclude nuclear solutions to our energy needs.
The second and more likely way is to emulate Japan and try to sweep the clear dangers of nuclear energy solutions under the rug. This is the long route to global suicide. Don't blame Japan. Blame all countries that believe they are right in choosing a lethal means of energy creation.

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The GOP is stonewalling the double dip

While Andrea Mitchell makes a fool of herself dissing Obama with sweet questions
The President has put his cards on the table The people who need to be dealt with are the GOP leaders They have drawn the lines and they must relent Andrea Mitchell behaving as a tool of the establishment I guess she is
ShortFormContent at Blogger: What kind of pressure will bring Syria to heel

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What kind of pressure will bring Syria to heel

The answer lies in keeping the protest alive and growing Inundating the Syrian government with protests from persons everywhere Posting of videos with children speaking on the Syrian atrocities We have not begun to test the power of democratic protest to have influence on seemingly intractable instances of impunity We need to start by making protest versus Syria a noticeable reality on the Web Waves of tweets A tsunami of protest
Syrian death toll rises as Arab states protest | World news | The Guardian: "Total killed during Syrian uprising passes 2,000 as President Bashar al-Assad defies international pressure"

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A little urban sprawl video for ya

Unheard voices department

It's a Sprawl World After All - Book Review: "Sprawl is the nightmare of the urban planner manifested after decades of poor planning in the United States. We have lost control of the places that we inhabit and struggle to find a renewed sense of community. "
I wonder if even the people who resonate to this are not silent in response to such pleas for attention. The grip of big oil is demonic as it were.

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The housing hole is a sprawl hole

Bank of America Is Back in an Abyss -

Sure the banks are no longer made of marble but of bad loans and recriminations Sure the banks are no longer under Glass-Steagall But rather under the spell of trading in which customers become enemies or marks or suckers Good going Phil Gramm and other intelligent economic scholars Rubin Summers whoever you are We are clearly revving up for the second scoop And this will be more serious than the first Because as I have said to no major hearing thus far This is all a function of the impetus to sprawl which is racist in origin and aimed at escaping the realities of face to face contact with the wonder that America is becoming We will become that wonder with tacks and chewing gum when money has no more value We will educate our children when they express interest in this or that We will go back to face to face And helping And tolerating And end the dreamy nightmare we have been wandering in I saw this coming I got out because the wingnuts were ascendin…

May you all live to write your own memoir

Lots of Adam Events Ganya Marriage Pregnancy Graduation Whoosh 1960 - Associated Content from Yahoo! - "I think I have supplied a hint regarding an interpretation of young Panflick's activities in recent chapters. He was, I suggest, anxious to achieve some synthesis with, shall we say, normality. I am not saying that Adam was harboring some deep recollection of childhood trauma, though he may well have done so. Nor that he was conflicted regarding his sexual identity. Though in later years he did at least recognize some inclination toward his own gender."
Seriously. The Web opens the door for everyone to let it all hang out. Someone once suggested discourse is everything but I can't remember who. :)

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I can remember it as if it was yesterday

Adam Becomes a Father, Finishes Seminary and Becomes a Professional Journalist 1961 - Associated Content from Yahoo! - "Life with Ganya proceeded happily, mainly from supper on. It can be said they lived with Jean Shepherd. Jean Shepherd was on 45 minutes each weekday night on WOR radio. Ganya and Adam sat expectantly through fifteen minutes of news, awaiting the theme music. There it was! Then came Shepherd."

We have no Jean Shepherd now and for that matter no Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. But the coming years will bring it all back. Comedy is what becomes fully flowered when there is no more capacity for tears. That requires a clearer head than our society has bequeathed us with its odd approach to the drug problem. We are drenched in drugs and spending billions to suppress the whole thing. Kind of like war.

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When this is all over and we vote for a new President

Do not vote for the GOP thinking that we need more of what prevented us from making a better effort than we have made I see the President as the one to guide us through the rapids we are entering He will be blamed for everything when blame goes to us all for buying the sort of thinking that very smart people did to get us into this mess Just as very smart people got us into Vietnam Wisdom begins at the borderline between where the rich and rich wannabes live and where the rest of the people live Between the city of choice and the city of necessity The city of necessity is waking up in a new way and democracy is unveiling itself as a universal value mandating a decent life for every human being When that is taught in schools and understood existentially in the seats of power we will see change that matters Until then we are in the rapids Hold on tight
GOP Kills Both Renewable Energy and Our Investment in the Stock Market. What Else Can They Do to Us? - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associate…

We Are in A Truncation Period

We are in a truncation period When we repealed Glass Steagall (under Clinton) we opened the door to trading Over old fashioned face to face back and forth The world has become air and bytes And air and bytes cannot support anything but phony global polarization and stratification and any other ation you can name We will survive a better world because democratic values are welling up in all the people who are so poor they are unaffected by all this And all the people who are being jerked around because their eyes are being opened When it is done we will think beyond big oil and big cars and big deals And recover some community Some decent education Some of what happens when a seed falls to the ground to rise again
Market Collapse 2011: How Crashes Are the New Black - The Daily Beast

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