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I wasn't radically changed by 9/11

If I had to pick my 9/11 It would be the time of the three post JFK assassinationsMalcolm, Martin, BobbyThat ushered in what was to me a minor dark ageAn almost daily betrayal of hope
I saw Barack and 2008 as an effort to break that spellHis Presidency reveals the depths of what we were trying to defeat back thenThe dismal inexorable hold of the principalities and powersThe very jaws of hell before our eyes every day
I had a Malcolm-like reaction to 9/11I need not spell it out9/11 happened blocks from meIt was a beautiful dayIt seemed consistent with the time we are still in
I do not think we will be out of this minor dark ageUntilGlobal democratic revolution succeeds How soon I do not knowIn the United States Piecemeal perhaps Around the world Perhaps
It will happen wherever enough individuals embraceTolerance and helpfulnessDemocracy and non-idolatryAnd light a true flame of freedomA nonviolentRevolutionary flameTo move earthA few centimeters toward heavenGlobal Online Privacy

Is any recent war unrelated to oil and who controls it?

After Green - Past Oil Dependency - Associated Content from Yahoo! - "The age of oil dependency is ending. Regardless of who wins the peak oil debate. A collision between population growth and global emulation of the US oil economy will either result in a repetition of the wars of the 20th century or a move beyond dependency on oil."

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There is Jesus' gospel and the gospel we have received

BEYOND CREED - Stephen Rose : IUniverse:

Jesus' gospel is stated clearly in Mark One with no reference to himself. We are to repent our sins and believe the good news that the kingdom or realm of Abba is present, at hand, available.

This was supplemented by clear teachings and by the gift of a prayer that is universal and meant for all to say up to three times daily.
If this supplanted the received creedal gospel, the world might be a very different place.

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Michelle's look said it all (Speech Photos)

Obama’s Jobs Address: Key Optics — BagNews:

Michelle's expression said to me - how tragic it is that my husband can be so right and these people so wrong - the Dems for going ape but not getting organized to really support him and the GOP for telegraphing its stone wall response with customary impunity. It says the drama goes on and the outcome is not clear. Only the the sad performance of the people below. And the impact of brazen racism that is its subtext.

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Female blogger gets nine months for doing the right thing in lovely China

Jailing of Chinese activist is 'inhumane' | Amnesty International:
"A Chinese activist jailed in connection with her support for bloggers must be released, Amnesty International said today after she was sentenced to nine months in prison.

Wang Lihong, 56, was detained in March and later charged with “creating a disturbance” amid a government crackdown on online calls for a “Jasmine Revolution” inspired by protests in the Middle East and North Africa. "

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Following up on WikiLeaks

Controversy and Confusion Over the Latest WikiLeaks Revelations: 8 Things You Really Need to Know | | AlterNet:
"There's also a cable confirming that troops, in 2006, carried out a house raid on the home of an Iraqi farmer, handcuffing all the residents of the house before shooting them all in the head. They included children aged 5, 3, and 5 months, the farmer's 74-year-old mother, and visiting relatives. The cable, from Philip Alston, Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial, Summary, or Arbitrary Executions, to Condoleeza Rice, also reveals that a US airstrike was then called in on the house, presumably to destroy evidence, but “autopsies carried out at the Tikrit Hospital’s morgue revealed that all corpses were shot in the head and handcuffed.”"

View the whole post as a single page at the url above.

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The upside of no more jobs new recession double dip

Hillary would have been better advised to write It Takes A CrisisEach stage of our present crisis reminds us that it takes a villageOr a communityAnd that this will take the ending of sprawl high rise designAnd its replacement with a designThat creates car-free communities that areEconomically viableSafeWalkableAnd above allFace to faceThe literature on this is so extensiveThat the only reason we do not have it is theCapacity of the oil automobile economyAnd of the fragmentation of disciplinesTo create a mind warp of incredible sizeWe will get beyond this to a new stage only when the wordsCommunityFace to faceCar FreeWalkableCyber communityBegin to rise in public consciousnessAnd profit is perceived in a more sane future
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Work at home in a new key

The first generation of work at home was the midway on the fair groundHawking hype transmogrifying into get rich gurusAnd Trump MLMs And other unprofitable schemesMany of us bit And got bitten in returnNow we know that there is no magic anything
The time has come for work at home in a new keyIt is already with usIt is anything with an honest trajectory and competent management That has the good sense to hire folk to do their work at homeIt is every individual who has simply developed a profitable home businessOr home professionIn the future when cyber communities exist and clusters of themForm Cyber-citiesWorking at home will look like thisEither you will physically work at homeOr walk to a kiosk where you will be in complete connection to your officeAnd do your workWhen five ten fifteen twenty and more percentAre working at or a short walk from home We will be celebrating a genuine new eraWork at home in a new key
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AOL and Yahoo Will/Should Probably Merge

The writing is already on the wallThere is only one major cash cow left At least that can be seen and understoodThat is the organization of a proper way to get content to usersThe present ways are haphazard and hard to seeUltimately it makes sense for someone (AOL, or Yahoo or both together) To get their mind around the adequate compensation of content producersAnd create means of distributing such content as serves the needs of usersNeither at the moment has the magic meansBut using the formula free lancers of all sorts who produce contentMeans of getting their content displayed to best advantageAnd creation of a compensatory framework thatSees the wave of the future as work at home in a new keySomeone will eventually crack the shell of the eggThat will give birth to a properly organized and operatingAnd mutually profitablePayoff for all concernedWhoever does this wins
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Feds need to lighten up on medical marijuana

Medical Marijuana: A Cure, Not a Crime | American Civil Liberties Union:
"Contemporary scientific evidence confirms the countless stories of the therapeutic effects of medical marijuana, which has provided unique relief for serious conditions, including cancer and AIDS, when no other medicine is as effective or free of side effects such as nausea or loss of appetite. Nearly one million patients nationwide now use medical marijuana as recommended by their doctors and in accordance with state laws."

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The Tea Party on a single lucid page

Glenn Beck, the Tea Party, and the Republicans : The New Yorker:
"In 1906, early in the Progressive era, the humorist Finley Peter Dunne’s fictional barroom sage, Mr. Dooley, put the social and political tumult of the day into perspective. “Th’ noise ye hear is not th’ first gun iv a revolution,” Dooley remarked. “It’s on’y th’ people iv th’ United States batin’ a carpet.” A century from now, or even a year from now, Americans may say the same about the Tea Party. For the moment, though, it appears that the extreme right wing is on the verge of securing a degree of power over Congress and the Republican Party that is unprecedented in modern American history. For defenders of national cohesion and tempered adversity in our politics, it is an alarming state of affairs. "

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The "wise" and "learned" are unlikely to shed their sophisticated garb

Windows on The Bible: Sixty One Family Values 1:
"These passages would appear to give children an edge on everyone else but a careful reading would suggest that Jesus is evoking in these passage qualities of spontaneous and enthusiastic acceptance of His Person and Message. The "wise" and "learned" are unlikely to shed their sophisticated garb and believe that God has come in the form of a carpenter to proclaim the advent of God's happy Kingdom!"

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Does anyone wish they had lived in the 19th century?

The Complete History of Adam Panflick:
"Despite his parlous condition, Orlando managed to improve his lot by delivering firewood around the Cotswolds. According to Melchizadek’s notes, he operated a small gambling book on the side. Orlando’s most important feat was to win the heart, of one Polly Smeal who was, if a faded image may be credited, a true beauty no more than half Orlando’s age. She must have been strong. She gave birth to nine children, of whom six survived."

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Jesus is alive in Cedar City

Markman: A Film About Jesus: Markman: A Film about Jesus Complete Text:
"Twelve persons, six COMMUNARDS and six HOSPICE GUESTS sit around a rough-cut pine table. David is at one end, flanked by PETE and ALICE. At the other end sits an emaciated YOUNG MAN, wrapped in blankets, dying of AIDS. The song comes to an end. They all break bread from a common loaf. On the wall hang pictures of DIETRICH BONHOEFFER, MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. and a ROUALT LITHOGRAPH OF THE FACE OF THE SUFFERING CHRIST."

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The city of choice is the ideal toward which we move

The Grass Roots Church: The Grass Roots Church Part One:

Over a century ago an acute observer of the American scene, Alexis de Tocqueville, said: "I am tempted to believe that what we call necessary institutions are often no more than institutions to which we have grown accustomed. In matters of social constitution the field of possibilities is much more extensive than men living in their various societies are ready to imagine." - Harvey Cox Introduction, The Grass Roots Church

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Locate cyber cities along existing interstates

Locate cyber cities along existing interstates A cyber city can be seen as a cluster up to ten cyber-communities of 10K folk These communities are car free  Zoned for everything that is safe and useful Walkable Four-level max Designed to be largely weatherproof Combining max privacy and max public space Small parks and squares Shopping kiosks 24/7 Walk to school Walk to work B line to related cyber-communities Move easily among cyber-communities Where are the entrepreneurs who will build from scratch  What cannot be evolved from existing sprawl The interstate system is ideal for a network of cyber cities