Bike Lanes Will Not Do it

No war on cars | Active Transportation Alliance:

"With 4,000 miles of streets and most of Chicago paved over to accommodate cars, it's hard to fathom how adding protected bike lanes and bus lanes to a tiny percentage of streets will force people out of their cars, as John McCarron insinuated in his article last week in the Chicago Tribune, "Chicago's war on Cars.”

This is no "war on cars." It is the city providing what most Chicagoans want: good alternatives to buying pricey gasoline to drive on congested roads, and safer streets that are walkable and vibrant.

Biking may not work for everyone, including McCarron, but it is an option for more and more people. Cycling has roughly doubled in Chicago over the past 10 years."

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We are at a deeper pass. Globally the move must be away from cars period. Let cars be used for drives in the country. Let trucks evolve into vehicles that can connect car free areas and make home delivery a viable art. Let car-fre cyber-communities be imagined and created here and there according to pattern language ideas fused with high tech means. Security will soon demand such.

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