The war on cars has begun

Los Angeles Car Firebombings Set City on Edge - NYTimes.com:

"On this holiday weekend, Los Angeles was dealing with a new plague, this time an arsonist (or arsonists) who in the course of four days firebombed at least 55 cars in the Los Angeles area, many of them parked in carports, engulfing vehicles and apartments in gasoline-fueled towers of flame."

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This is my territory. The revolution will come when insurance is incapable of compensating for losses. The losses come from the structure of the corporate enterprise. The current economic crisis is the car-oil driven  collapse of the corporate enterprise. I do not believe this incident in LA can be seen as anything but the start of a war against the car. I have known this in my gut for most of my life. I love the car, but I know that it is the keystone of the arch that supports an economy in process of collapse because ultimately hollow, unsustainable, inhuman. Maybe there will be a proximate solution like acknowledging the need for car-free cyber-communities. But when millions of dollars that symbolize 99/1 are there for the taking because we never put them in their proper place, be prepared for much, much more.

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