But nobody says why the recession will last so long

Fed to Maintain Rates Near Zero Through Late 2014 - NYTimes.com:

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Because the great contradiction, and the reason we must redefine the American dream, is that transportation and construction are closer to 1900 than to where they need to be. We cannot reform anythiung without tackling housing and transportation. We cannot build a society on sprawl and interstates. On oil and McMansions. On the American Dream of having a private suburban lot and cars for everyone. We need to evolve to multi-zoned car-free modular communities that unite all elements of a city and are largely car-free.We need to build new employment around the notion of a cyber-community of up to 10,000 persons that has, on no more than four stair-less levels, the makings of a well-rounded life that is global in scope and face-to face via the reversal of public-private notions. These are premises of this blog complex. Few come here. I have few who agree with me. I feel I am right. I am not trying to win an argument but to state the wave of an evolving truth.

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