Hardly a distant second for Gingrich

Below is my post of yesterday suggesting that Gingrich will lose by less than fifteen points.
At the moment he is losing by 15 points with the votes to be counted  likely to reduce the margin.

Hardly a distant second for Gingrich.  With a 4-1 money deficit which went into wall to wall negative ads by the Romney PAC?  

I'll update this when all the votes are in. UPDATE: The margin is now 14.

This is not a big victory. It is what you can get if you spend 4-1 on negative ads. It will come back to bite Mitt. Too bad NBC and others saw this as a big Mitt win. Over a third who voted for him would prefer another candidate. 

Nate Silver is wrong on Florida. Romney by 15?

Election Forecasts - FiveThirtyEight Blog - NYTimes.com: "The macroscopic solution, of course, is to take an average of the polls, as the FiveThirtyEight forecast does. That forecast now projects a 15-point win for Mr. Romney:"

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I think the primary is still in play. I think Romney has soft support. Porous in fact. Newt will get dedicated support fortified by Palin's urging that the contest remain open. The more time Newt has the less more rope to suspend his opponent with. Outguessing Nate is fun, I admit, but it has the same general thrust in this content as it did during the Obama-Clinton contests. Chris Matthews is making my case as I speak. It is Romney who is playing dirty. What Chris does not believe is that Romney can be beaten. That's a belief I do not share.

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