Soon We Will Be The Generators of All the Power We Need

Capturing the Power of Trillions of Footfalls: "Elizabeth invented the POWERleap, a simple idea with brilliant applications. It’s a flooring system that generates electricity every time you move on one of the tiles. Elizabeth developed the POWERleap as her senior thesis project at the University of Michigan's School of Art and Design. She wanted to design a project that would educate people about their relationship and dependence on energy. Human bodies generate electricity, about 100 watts at rest, which (according to www.elizabethredmond.net) is enough to power the computer I am writing on."

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Soon we will be generating all the power we need. This is the right idea. Ultimately it speaks to all surfaces that come into contact with weights. In my proposed cyber-community all floors and ways will generate power. Pendulums will function to generate still more power. This does not count solaer ans wind which will be generated by silo turbines massively more powerful than today's unsightly windmills. What is amazing is how long this vision is taking to germinate. Once it does there will be no stopping it. The definitive move beyond dependence on oil and cars.

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