Why a plethora of opponents does not help Romney

News Analysis - For Romney, Challenges Await on Ideology and Faith - NYTimes.com: "But the barely hidden glee of the Romney campaign when Mr. Perry decided to stay in the race after performing badly in Iowa, to fight another day in South Carolina, betrayed another lucky factor that has helped give the Romney team confidence in the state: In the absence of a successful effort by any of his rivals to rally evangelical voters behind just one of them, the cast of candidates vying for the anti-Romney religious vote is promising to carve it up into smaller pieces."

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Romney's camp should be aware that the reason others stay in the race is not merely ambition but the conviction that he cannot win. Seen in this way, Romney has consistently lost. His winning figures represent indices of his potential failure in a general election. The Romneyites are gleeful about the prospect of a stay-at-home election? That's what they will get unless Obama fails to convince us that he needs eight years to undo GOP perfidy. I would favor 16 with either Michelle or Hillary or Elizabeth Warren succeeding him.

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