At times I have been OK with Romney, but ...

At times I have been OK with Romney, but ...

His current Citizen's United PAC tactics have convinced me that 
he is as dangerous as W
Chris Matthews is dead right that Romney has helped expose 
the stealing of democracy made possible
by the Court's ill-advised Citizens United decision
I no longer see a way he could be a positive reality in this electoral process
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Proportionality means doing no more harm than was done to you

Proportionality means doing no more harm than was done to you
A hard enough stricture in itself
Karma occurs when there's no proportionality

How many wars have we fought
When we have so far exceeded in lives and casualties
The initial wrong that we sought by war to right
We know the answer
including the wounding and the death of non-combatants

This self-destructive way must be ended
In the name of national defense
In the name of security

For karma is the greatest of all dangers
And karma observes what we should have observed 

The world will change through crisis or through thought

The world will change through crisis or through thought 
We the people need community 
We have hardly chosen what we've bought 
A move to simpler ways can set us free

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The Structure of Corporate Enterprise

The Structure of Corporate Enteprise
is built entirely by the blocks bearing the labels
Private transportation
Individual garages
Cars for all in the family
Hospitals that must be driven to for all reasons
Cars whose purchase and use
Dictates the structure of regional and local commerce
The creation of roads and highways
The whole kahuna of our lives
Yes oil is involved
Yes universal emulation of this pattern is involved
Yes the fatal decision to keep the car 
even with alternate fuel is involved

What is missing is the single entrepreneur who can 
envision the gold mine in the creation
of car-free cyber-communities
She will come anon
When she does 
We will all say
Why didn't we think of that

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Bike Lanes Will Not Do it

No war on cars | Active Transportation Alliance:

"With 4,000 miles of streets and most of Chicago paved over to accommodate cars, it's hard to fathom how adding protected bike lanes and bus lanes to a tiny percentage of streets will force people out of their cars, as John McCarron insinuated in his article last week in the Chicago Tribune, "Chicago's war on Cars.”

This is no "war on cars." It is the city providing what most Chicagoans want: good alternatives to buying pricey gasoline to drive on congested roads, and safer streets that are walkable and vibrant.

Biking may not work for everyone, including McCarron, but it is an option for more and more people. Cycling has roughly doubled in Chicago over the past 10 years."

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We are at a deeper pass. Globally the move must be away from cars period. Let cars be used for drives in the country. Let trucks evolve into vehicles that can connect car free areas and make home delivery a viable art. Let car-fre cyber-communities be imagined and created here and there according to pattern language ideas fused with high tech means. Security will soon demand such.

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The war on cars has begun

Los Angeles Car Firebombings Set City on Edge - NYTimes.com:

"On this holiday weekend, Los Angeles was dealing with a new plague, this time an arsonist (or arsonists) who in the course of four days firebombed at least 55 cars in the Los Angeles area, many of them parked in carports, engulfing vehicles and apartments in gasoline-fueled towers of flame."

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This is my territory. The revolution will come when insurance is incapable of compensating for losses. The losses come from the structure of the corporate enterprise. The current economic crisis is the car-oil driven  collapse of the corporate enterprise. I do not believe this incident in LA can be seen as anything but the start of a war against the car. I have known this in my gut for most of my life. I love the car, but I know that it is the keystone of the arch that supports an economy in process of collapse because ultimately hollow, unsustainable, inhuman. Maybe there will be a proximate solution like acknowledging the need for car-free cyber-communities. But when millions of dollars that symbolize 99/1 are there for the taking because we never put them in their proper place, be prepared for much, much more.

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The NY Times Is Correct about Keystone

Where the Real Jobs Are - NYTimes.com: "This is precisely the moment for him to argue the case for alternative fuel sources and clean energy jobs — and to lambaste the Republicans for doubling down on conventional fuels while ceding a $5 trillion global clean technology market (and the jobs that go with it) to more aggressive competitors like China and Germany."

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Unfortunately the will needed to achieve the switch to a vibrant new economy is lacking. One reason for this is the absence of vision. What would an after-green world lok like. I have been advocating that forever but there are no takers. This is because the vision transcends specialization. It must to be adequate. Until the President can say car free along with beyond oil dependence, he will not get it. And =neither will we. Veblen would have. Peirce too no doubt.

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A Sociological Basis for Cyber-Communities

A long time ago Robert A. Nisbet
A conservative sociologist
Established the need for community as a balance to rampant society
Community was face to face intensely educational developmental
Society was impersonal and reifying turning us into commodities
Others of Nisbet's time warned against ego-bolstering by society
Today society can be equated with corporate and ego-bolstering is the very marrow of TV
That and a sort of bullying subtext
We are being fashioned by this force into compliant social beings

This is the sociological reason why cyber-communities are
an apposite answer to the untrammeled advance of society -gesselschaft
I wish folk like Chris Hedges and Cornel West would get their minds around this

A cyber-community is walkable
A cyber-community is face to face
A cyber-community places all elements of a city within a mile walk
Schools work entertainment commerce residence
Scaled to a population of no more than 10,000
A cyber-community requires the involvement of the corporate sphere
It requires fruits of mass production and high tech
But it also requires that corporations be responsive to 
the democratic initiatives of those who form the community

It is a synthesis beyond the failed dialectics of the present binary discussion

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