Harvey Cox acronym SBNR means spiritual but not religious

“Spiritual But Not Religious”? By Harvey Cox | Stephen C. Rose: "And the spiritual life is not a solo flight. Isolated from other selective and suspicious searchers, the SBNRs can easily lose their way or lose heart. Much of their grumbling about “institutional religion,” is justified, but the answer is not no institution at all. New shapes of church life will be needed, more participatory than the one way communication enshrined in today’s pulpits and altars, and they are already appearing. For example, some churches are opening coffee bars where members can converse about the things that matter in life over glasses of wine with people who are reluctant even to cross the threshold of a church. In such settings, as one SBNR said, “They don’t give you the answer before you ask the question.” Maybe Jesus’ disclosure of himself to the discouraged disciples at a table in the inn on the road to Emmaus may suggest the best pattern for tomorrow’s church architecture."

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The url above leads to the whole article which I've published on my Wordpress blog. My "Beyond Creed: From Religion to Spirituality" is more a theological analysis of creedal messianism and the collapse of religion than advocacy of the SBNR stance. I belong to a congregation that is all than one might wish for, but I still find its creedal basis questionable and I still believe that religion will whither away anon. To be clear soon, to me, is a few centuries. The reason spirituality will survive is because, as Charles Sanders Peirce understood, it is not a choice, it is innate.

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U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Ruling Against Sectarian Prayers

U.S. Supreme Court Declines to Hear Forsyth County Sectarian Prayer Case | American Civil Liberties Union: "Decision Marks End of 5-Year Legal Battle to Remove Divisive Sectarian Prayers from Public Board of Commissioners Meetings in Forsyth County, North Carolina"

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1860 Presidential Campaign Broadside

The Alfred Whital Stern Collection of Lincolniana:

Image 1 of 1, Political chart. Presidential campaign, 1860.

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Another Library of Congress Image



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Trumping the GOP is racist meme is this comment - also true

Newt Gingrich and the Art of Racial Politics - NYTimes.com:

"As a white man married to a black woman, and having grown up in integrated neighborhoods and schools, there is no doubt that the following from your editorial is true. It has been an orchestrated campaign for 40 years by liberal democrats in every urban center in the country. Ask yourself the question are these areas better off now than they were before 40 years of "progressive, liberal, Democrat" help?

"The phrase “maximize dependency” is a particularly interesting one because it suggests a systematic, orchestrated campaign by the president and liberals in general to keep blacks poor and dependent on “big government” as a way of insuring their continued political support.""

Both parties contribute to oppression which is as class-driven as it is racist. Anyone familiar with reality on both sides of the racial divide knows this. Occupy is the only potential force able to work - for decades - to change this. The rest is just sideshow.

Online Gambling Might Be OK But It Is No Answer To Indebtedness

More States Look to Legalize Online Gambling - NYTimes.com:

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This just demonstrates the gulf between the possible income and the actual indebtedness. There are only two solutions - taxing fairly is one in states and nationally. The oher is living less expensively. Education, housing and  and transportation are becoming out of reach for most. Unhealthy. Unjust. Irrational.

Engage Iran with face to face not sanctions

President Obama will engage Iran as he wills
The world will not be tottering at the edge of cruel war
The jaws of hungry neo-cons can bite all they wish
Cool and collected reason reigns get used to it my friends

We know. But Now We See. We See that We Don't See

The City Dark | Schedule | Rooftop Films 2011 Summer Series: "THE CITY DARK (Ian Cheney | Brooklyn, NY | 84 min.)

The City Dark, which was awarded the Rooftop Filmmakers’ Fund Edgeworx Post-Production Grant in 2009, is a deep exploration of the complex issues involving light pollution. Broken up into chapters, The City Dark moves across the globe -- from Times Square, where, arguably, night never comes; to one of New York City’s few remaining observatories, at the College of Staten Island; to “Sky Village,” a haven for astronomers and stargazers in rural Arizona; to the best place on earth to view the night sky, at the University of Hawaii, where astronomers scan the universe for possible earth-killing asteroids -- and which, itself, is threatened by the lights of the cities beneath the volcano. The film is beautifully shot -- Cheney’s love of stars and love of photography, really shining in the carefully considered cinematography."

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Cars. Oil. Sadness. Shame.

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Library of Congress What A Trove

[Farm(?) house among trees]:

[Farm(?) house among trees]

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You could live here. At the Library I mean. Virtually.

I love it - comedy makes revolution (video)

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It's not just Romney's dodges that bother me

Romney Put On Defense At South Carolina Debate, As GOP Rivals Fight For Edge In State Primary | Fox News: "Romney was put on defense out of the box at the Fox News/Wall Street Journal/South Carolina GOP debate -- answering questions about his record at private venture firm, Bain Capital; distancing himself from super PAC ads against fellow candidates; defending his record as Massachusetts governor, and dodging demands that he release his tax records."

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The word insipid comes to mind. When I see him on the tube I see something almost sickly. An aura perhaps? Something that tells me this is someone I do not want to have in my face for the next four years. I was in MA when Romney "governed" and I always had the impression he was on good behavior. Now I get the impression he has made some Mephistophelean deal that requires him to project a peculiar pallor whenever he is bored or out of sorts or somehow divided. The reason I would like Gingrich over Romney (I cannot stand anyone who campaigns in sleeveless sweaters) is that I believe him when he says he could have some rousing debates with Mr. Obama. I think Romney would be a revenge on the GOP - sickly boredom pallor forever. Come to think of it - think Boehner and Romney in the same warp.

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Unusual synergies make for good moments (photo)

(5) Photos of Playing Out:

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Bristol children and the constabulary having an amicable chat about  playing out.

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