Three Recent Movies I Saw and Liked

Descendants - one of the few out there that deal with things somewhat as they are.

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - visually quite wonderful and both poignant and liberating in its treatment of the heroine's struggles.

Wanderlust - the kind of goofy throw away film that I like - oddly relevant to some things that are happening now, particularly the loss of hot jobs and the move toward making your own future rather than depending on the corporate world .

It's not just Koran, it's Afghanistan

Afghan Grenade Wounds American Soldiers as Riots Still Rage - NYTimes.com: "Rioting continued across the country on Sunday as anger over the burning of Korans by the American military continued unabated, putting the relationship between Afghanistan and the United States on shaky new ground. At least one Afghan was killed in clashes with the Afghan police."

It's not just Koran it's Afghanistan
Impermeable in its own way as Switzerland
As mired in tribal rivalry as crime families
We join the long death march of great game histories

Afghanistan Women Will Not Be Saved by Our Staying There

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If we want to change the lot of Afghan women
We will leave immediately
A nonviolent movement only must work incessantly until
There is true justice after focused struggle
We spend billions to send mixed messages
Let's spend millions to support nonviolence
Grisly wars rise from dumb binaries
From now on let us think in threes

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

When "Allies" Kill Us in Afghanistan It's Past Time To Leave

When "allies" kill us in Afghanistan
It's well past time to leave
When we survey the wondrous loss
It's well past time to grieve
There is no way to win a war today
Thinking in threes moves us well past the fray

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

The American Dream Is Not More Sprawl

We can't afford: Relying on more oil, the cost of wars, having a car or cars to get where we need to go, the costs of education in a tenure-overladen system, the house that is so set apart that you need a car or cars just to function.

We need: A serious look at alternatives to societies that rely on cars, on eating up land for housing farther and farther from places of work and are finally wed to the vagaries of oil politics.

For more please read the following.

Here's a timely warning no one took seriously

Bill Clinton's Warning to Democrats at CGI - The Daily Beast: "Disgruntled Obama supporters planning to sit out the midterms are making "a horrible mistake," he said. "Like everything else you do when you're mad, there's an 80 percent change you're making a mistake. You'll get the exact result you don't want.""

Bill Clinton's advice above was right on. He also included the following in his warning.

1. The media have been absolutely criminal in their failure to fact check the GOP's false facts and figures as they seek to nail the Democrats unfairly and dishonestly.

2. The evil plan of the GOP if they regain control of Congress is to shut down the government entirely. They can do it by occupying time with frivolous investigations.

Not only Democrats but Independents and sensible Republicans should be very worried.

Everything I Know About Dementia

Dealing With Dementia Among Aging Criminals - NYTimes.com:

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Everything I know about dementia
Is that we'll get it cured someday
But until then keep active
And stretch stretch your mind
With mental calisthenics even in your dreams
ShortFormContent is a perfect site to bookmark
To get your mind active
For as often as not whatever you find there will

GOP has reaped a female whirlwind

Now they’ve done it: Vaginaphobe Republicans Have just pissed off women (10s of thousands of them) - Digg: "freakoutnation.com — Out of touch Republicans — in an attempt to possibly deflect from the fact they have no viable candidate to run against President Obama — have thrown the female population under the 1950s bus. ‘We are Women’ are marching to each state capitol. What started out with just a few members, within just a few days, now have 10s of thousands in total supporting them. Just wait until April 28th – because moderates do not agree with these tactics either. "

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Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Schubert choral, Billy Bang, Bob Marley, CSN Spotify Playlist

Schubert choral, Billy Bang, Bob Marley, CSN, David Oberg, David Ware, Marselis, McCaslin, Dr. John, Emmylou, Erich Grueberg,  Nelson Mass, Glenn Gould, Irving Fazola, Coltrane, Hooker

On Spotify

Sunday Morning in February Playlist

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Is America an empire in decline?

Is America an empire in decline 
A chorus of grim authors would say yes
But America and empire do not mix
We're more America as empire's less 

Large Coffee Mug

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

The Insanity Competition

Ghastly Outdated Party - NYTimes.com:

"Republicans are getting queasy at the gruesome sight of their party eating itself alive, savaging the brand in ways that will long resonate.

“Republicans being against sex is not good,” the G.O.P. strategist Alex Castellanos told me mournfully. “Sex is popular.”"

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The only redeeming thing about this is that it may be denying us the time to gin up another war.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Look To The Court for The Stupidity We Now Confront

Loose Border of ‘Super PAC’ and Romney Campaign - NYTimes.com: "While insisting that the tangle of connections does not violate any laws, Alexander Gage, TargetPoint’s founder, said he understood how it could look “ridiculous.” His own firm had taken steps, he said, to prevent improprieties, including erecting “a fire wall” separating employees who work for the Romney campaign and the super PAC."

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Stories about Super PACs should always show a clip of  Samuel Alito mouthing NO to the President when Mr. Obama correctly noted that the Court had opened the floodgates to wealth-dominated campaigns. They should add a link to Stephen Colbert's reduction of this strategy to absurdity. And they should observe that there is only one way to bring an end to the travesty of today's attack on the voter. It is called electing Obama in 2012 and getting us a new Court. This would be appropriate action which would address the avalanche of nay-saying on all sides. We are not deteriorating as a nation. If we are an empire that failed, so much the better. We were not meant to be an empire. Just a democracy experimenting with the limits of freedom. One way to act is to circulate good sense. Tweet this.

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