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The Complete History of Adam Panflick is becoming a Kindle series The Complete History of Adam Panflick Book One eBook: Stephen C. Rose: Kindle Store:

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And it is free at this point to Kindle Prime users. This is a reasonable way to do a serious work of memoir-fiction if you, like me, have little taste for the itinerant life of an author wed to a publisher. I like people but I long ago learned to detest such procedures. And if you do the math the financial return as a Kindle writer is sufficiently good to make it competitive with the trade market, quite apart from the problem of getting a serious work published these days. And in point of fact I fully expect that this will one day be a book with covers, whether created commercially or self-published. Even if you don't download it you can take a look - as the image below suggests. Actually it may be a film as well. Or something like that. Since we don't know, really, what's coming.

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Mildred Purse Instructions on How To Forget Romney

The Amnesia Candidate -

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Give the man (that would be Romney) 100 points. Subtract one point for the number of times Romney has lied about President Obama. When you get to zero collect your Free Romney Amnesia Coupon. Walk to precinct on election day. Vote for our dear President. If you remember Romney for more than a week, you need help beyond my capacity to deliver.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Our Government Should Lead in Becoming an Open Book

Why Are There So Many Leak Prosecutions? | Secrecy News:

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Secrecy is the apple in the Eden of governance. Eat it and everything nearby eventually dies. Secrecy enables fear to become the free weapon of the powerful. It is the essence of our past history. Secrecy is the aphrodisiac of being on top of things. It gains followers. Disciples. Jesus was parlayed into being Lord of a church he never wanted to create by the attribution of secrecy to him. And yet it was a lie. The powerful are never bothered by the Wests and McCarthys because they are mere flies around the sweet smelling glue that imbeds secrecy. Everything becomes a secret eventually. It is sick, nauseating, deleterious, harmful, evil. Evil is what kills before the time. There are secrets of commission and secrets of omission. The holders of the keys heed not words such as these. They see their authors as fools or little children. I will take the latter designation but not the former. I have consorted w…

The No Accountability for Attack Ads Thing is A Media Smoke Screen

The notion that Citizen's United means there is no accountability for the perps of horrendous attackstranslates into predominant media silence aboutthe known sources of attack adsIt's a smoke screenWe will know that an attack ad came from this or that Super PAC
It takes a scintilla of effort to determine who attacks come fromMedia should flag the Super PACs 
There is a higher justice to which these sad operations are accountableThere is also justice we the people can applyVotes yes but alsowe should keep an account of attack ads For every 1K the perps spendwe will unearth one nauseated grass roots Republicanto create a video of alienationfrom the lynch party these Super PAC Koch Rove folk are attempting 
This could be the year when attack comes back to bite the attackers
If the Court cannot be justthe people can
Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Ah Wal-Mart We Barely Knew Thee

At Wal-Mart in Mexico, a Bribe Inquiry Silenced -

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But now the NY Times has bared a lesson that ought to tell us all
that cover-ups are just as likely in the halls of corporations
as in  governments
and that is why all other things being equal we should honor whistle-blowers
not  excepting the likes of Bradley Manning

Tell me who should be behind bars
the Wal-Mart execs who in substantial numbers
deep-sixed a massive bribery action
or Bradley Manning who merely flagged  the banality of
our dying military
our dying spend it all in order to spend more stupidity
and so forth

If you say spare one
I say spare the other

A Pulitzer for this longest consecutive story you will ever read
in the NYT

Let there be more

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Mildred Purse: "Anything Cheney subscribes to is deleterious to our global economic future"

U.S. Markets Set to Stumble -

Unfortunately the entire world economy save for those of Capri and Mackinac Island are substantially doomed. We live wrong. We are not meant to be spread out. There can be no healthy sprawl-onomics. There can be no healthy car-onomics. There can be no healthy oil-onomics. There can be no war-onomics. You can simplify this by the Law of Cheney. Anything Cheney subscribes to is deleterious to our global economic future. I shall have more to say, no doubt. Oh, the reason why these economies are the problem? They are not economical..

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes