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Obama Ads Should Be Grass Roots Cinema Verite

ShortFormContent at Blogger: How President Obama Can Win Christian Conservatives:

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To counter the invidious efforts of Karl Rove and the Brothers Koch, simple videos of everyday people expressing gratitude for specific results from specific things that the President has achieved will create a signature response that will turn the tables on the Super PACs.

There could be an intro that flags lies distortions and anonymous attacks as unreal and even criminal and a cut to what is real, recognizable and not anonymous I am (name). I have lived here in (name) for (time). Thanks to (President Obama's (name) Act ... and so forth for ten seconds. Close with a continuation of the story narrated over evocative images and simple acoustic music.

This would be a fantastic way to counter the attacks on the President. For every specific attack, a video that shows the truth. And grass roots people who intend to vote for the President.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Three…

"When I Don't Like My Mamma" facilitates discussion

I wrote this very short children's book for a simple reasonIt is a device to enable a mother and daughter to examine their relationshipIt is so short that it can be read and discussed in a half-hourIt is not moroseIt observes the rulesBut by the end of it a motherand daughter will have assessed thingsdealing with their real feelingswithout the need forshrinks or pills

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Romney = Risk It's The Company He Keeps

Romney has bought his nominationRomney has used his and other people's money to buy vicious and false hate adsThese two things would discredit the man But there is something much worseThe company the man keepsRove Kochs Bolton Borkfor startersAnd also that he will go with the most cutthroat solutionif it serves him well
When you think about 2012think of risk to us and our children and their childrenand keep this broadside in view

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Why Would Heaven Not Be A Changed Earth?

ShortFormContent at Blogger: I see dreams quite differently than Freud:
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There are reasons why heaven would be a changed earth
Heaven would be a changed earth if earth practiced tolerance Heaven would be a changed earth if earth practiced helpfulness Heaven would be a changed earth if earth practiced democracy Heaven would be a changed earth if people did not worship idols
Reasons why heaven would be not a changed earth
Even with a tilt toward Abba's way death would occur Heaven is a place where death is no more A changed earth would indeed be more like heaven but inevitably we still commit evil
That is to say we kill and injure consciously often without remorse Many see life as a terminal event to be wrung dry of whatever compensations it may offer Heaven does not have these characteristics

Who then gets to heaven on earth or beyond
Those who will the values noted above and practice a bit of humility Those who will to continue an existence they have
already pr…

Mildred Purse Calls for Men in White Coats to Cart Romney Away

Capture him before he lies us all into a ditch deeper than any we have known before. We have a pathological liar loose in the land. He has demonic speech writers who turn things that are true into lies. He delights in duping us all. He forgets that his predecessor and role model Bush 2 left many more dead than perished at the hands of terrorists. Believe me Romney will exceed every disastrous benchmark left by Bush 2. Romney is Risk Squared, W to the third nefarious power. He will prove that the real terror lies in allowing a crazed, compass-less, serial liar to roam at large.  Capture him now before he strikes again.Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

The smart wall says it all Smart surfaces (floors, walls, ceilings)

The smart wall says it all. I sit here day by day presaging the future. It is so different that I doubt anyone believes it.

Take the smart wall. Let's say it is made in Detroit and that one such surface costs as much as a home entertainment monolith. You need four of them to make up a space. You know about wallpaper right. It is now understood to be what you put on your monitor screen. On the smart wall, you can change your wallpaper whenever you like. When it is dreary outside you can make your smart wall cheery.

The smart wall may have little connectors for the addition of smart furniture. Also mass produced, maybe for a new cyber community in a non-cyclone area. All you need for furniture are surfaces and smart cushions. And smart walls.

Smart walls do not exist in isolation from the smart matrix and the smart floor and the smart ceiling. None of these  things exist now because the money is all in Stephenson Nano Land Silicon Role Model Territory. At some point Dreiser and Veb…

The Coming Collapse of TV - YouTube Channels

On YouTube Channels, Whiff of TV Grows Stronger - "With regular weekly shows and viewer-friendly playlists, they are indeed slightly more televisionlike than the millions of mostly homemade videos that surround them. But the harder they try to resemble television, the less interesting they are.

¶ About 60 channels are active, and during a week spent rooting among them like a truffle hog in the YouTube forest, I unearthed more than a few tasty morsels."

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What sort of tasty morsels are you getting from TV these days? The automobile industry seeking to justify the fact that the only aesthetic pleasure left in the big world out there is the interior of a luxury car? The funniest ad on TV is very much like a good video. Simple and clever. But if we want that we can go to the video, right?


Like the car, gasoline, sprawl and other features of what I shall call the Cheney-Koch economy, TV is becoming onerous and is on the way to obsolescence…