Watching This Video Will Change Your Life

Free Public Transit Video: Post Carbon Institute: There is no tomorrow:

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When I was involved in Web Business I used to write headlines like the above. It was typical hype. I can assure you that this will change your life unless you already know what the video contains.

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Bob Dylan has provided about 50 TV specials worth of incredible entertainment.

Bob Dylan

Highlands on Spotify

This is better than most other fifteen minute entertainments.
Hats off to the artist.
Bob Dylan has provided about 50 TV specials worth of incredible entertainment.

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Obama's True Status Among Women Vs. NYTimes Fish Wrapping

Obama on the High Wire - NYTimes.com:

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The New York times giveth and taketh away paragraph by paragraph.

In the piece above the Gray Lady cites an odd poll to surmise that Romney has a better standing among women than the President. This is so fatuous that were FOX to claim it it would be laughed out of court.

Here are five reasons one might surmise that the President will achieve victory in November on a wave of female support.

1. Romney wants to zap Rowe v. Wade and Bork the Supreme Court

2. Romney cannot be depended on to support equal pay

3. Romney threatens women's access to vital health care

4. Romney will zap Planned Parenthood

5. Romney mirrors a patriarchal culture. At Bain only 10 percent of middle leadership were women

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Welcome to the theft of our democracy

‘Super PACs’ Changing How Political Operatives Operate - NYTimes.com: "In the insular but fast-growing world of super PACs and other independent outfits, there are no cranky candidates, no scheduling conflicts, no bitter strategy debates with rival advisers. There are only wealthy donors and the consultants vying to oblige them."

Welcome to the theft of our democracy
As if we ever had it when we thought we did
Now its all transpiring with none to see
And still the wins go to the highest bid

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Cyber-community 101 - Lesson Two | ShortFormContent at Blogger

Cyber-community 101 - Lesson Two

A cyber-community has just a few
rules that are common

1. A cyber-community must be dense enough
to enable growth of a viable local economy

2. A cyber-community must contain
most elements we associate with urban life

3. A cyber-community must be free of cars
and walkable

4. A cyber-community must generate its own

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