The Road We've Traveled - YouTube

Whenever you have any question whether we have greatness in the White House, watch this.

Whenever you see an ad from the GOP PACs subtly seeking to discredit the President, watch this film.

Whenever you have any question about how difficult it will be to keep positive change happening, listen to Tom Hanks and consider how awful it would be to lose momentum.

Then go out and work and vote and celebrate democracy as our best defense against tyranny and our only defense against injustice.

Cyber-community 101 - Lesson Four

Cyber-community 101 - Lesson Four

A cyber-community must contain
most elements we associate with urban life

The cyber age reclaims the country
and re-casts the city
so its positive aspects are available to all
The crime aspects of the city
are minimized by 
two realities

Cyber-communities are diverse by design
Therefore their inhabitants are there by choice
not necessity
That enables a more neighborly sense
in their concentration and walkability
are vastly easier to police than
either city or sprawl areas
It would be understood for example
that public space is secure 
by consent of all
and that private space is private

All the aspects of a city are
scaled to a population of up to 10,000
Small theaters - 24/7 multi purpose venues
Commercial outlets - mainly kiosks connected to
global enterprises enabling pin-point
access to all products everywhere
Smaller and more nimble educational spaces
again shared and 24/7
Deployment of employed persons
to work in every one of the scaled down
facilities in the cyber-community
Living working recreating educating
all in the same space

Why must this be
Because concentration is inherently urban
Because residence in a cyber-community
enables privacy
Because life is short enough without
a car-sprawl component
And most of all
because we will be walking 
in the future to everything we need
to reach
for reasons that are obvious when you see this film

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Cyber-community 101 - Lesson Three

 A cyber-community must be dense enough
to enable growth of a viable local economy

Why is this so

In the United States we suffer from 
too much dispersion in rural areas
No local economy can thrive there

In our metro areas
a combination of zoning
and concentration
inhibits the growth of natural

A reasonable density for a viable local 
is between 5,000 and 10,000
Such populations can support
local versions of
and recreational

These can be staffed by local people

A viable local economy will need in the future
to generate its own energy
When a community is dense enough 
and is free of most or all automobile traffic
it can develop new ways of
energy generation
even including energy generated by
human activity
and human interaction with
such things as
and pendulums
developed for fitness
and play purposes

In the future people will choose diversity
characteristic of cities
in preference to monochromatic
stratified sprawl existence

Communities as envisioned here 
can exist in close proximity

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Koch Funny Business in Ohio's Academe

Charles Koch + Roger Ailes = Ohio University? | AlterNet: "In the case of Ohio University, the full extent of Koch’s donations to the George Washington Forum isn’t known. But we do know that Koch specifically underwrote a talk the Forum hosted by John Yoo, author of the Bush torture memos (belying Charles and his brother David’s claims that their ideological activism is restricted to economic issues). We also know that through the Forum, the Charles Koch Foundation awards grants to students “interested in studying free market ideas” under an OU professor who researches conservative politics and economics. S"

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OUTTAKES: Shake 'n Bake

My comment:

End of oil
End of economy
End of food
End of car
End of currency
End of debt
End of everything
Not an apocalypse
Coming reality

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Time to dust off some speculative fiction

The World Beyond Cars - speculative fiction: "Bellingham got up early. He never failed to notice the play in the surface below his feet when he got up in the morning. Footsteps now could contribute to the powering of the world. Each step he took on the thin surface - what was once the floor but which was now all sides of all spaces - activated tiny sensors that cumulatively created energy. Outside on the walkway the same play existed. The strength of the surface exceeded that of what used to be called walls. Soundproof. Fireproof. Replaceable. They came from a plant that once made automobiles."

It doesn't need to be an apocalypse
with masses running in the streets
and closeups of mouths open in horror
We could reason together
and conclude that oil will surely end
in the lifespan of our grandchildren if not before
We could start to think
apply our minds
to how we might proceed
The most unthinkable thought we need to think
is that we could actually achieve
the capacity to live sensibly

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Michael, I am sure Dylan will do vastly more than look back

OUTTAKES: "My sources suggest that the forthcoming Bob Dylan album may well include a song about the Titanic: a song that is about 14 minutes long. I know no more - and I can't really “know" even that much. But if it turns out to be true, it's surely a very rare example of his releasing something to tie in so handily with the centenary of a famous event."

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This is marvelous as someone said in another connection

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As soon as people realize that they are something

As soon as people realize that they are something
and understand that any divinity that ever was or is
is within them
they will look at the world with new eyes
and at each day as a day that they can make happen
and begin to build a world beyond them
that they can effect with
the movements of their body-minds
so that eventually
they will not look out and say what is that
because that will be something they use
that creates what they need
sustainable energy
for the taking
generated by
me and thee

Could Facebook Have Made Up A World of Its Own Could It Still | ShortFormContent at Blogger:

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Could Facebook Have Made Up A World of Its Own Could It Still

As Facebook's Stock Struggles, Fingers Start Pointing - NYTimes.com: "As shares of the social network tumbled in their second day of trading, bankers, investors and analysts wondered what had gone wrong with the initial public offering of Facebook, the most highly anticipated technology debut in years."

There is a new world waiting to be born
And Facebook might have been more of a midwife
Had it not followed suit so much
Straight into the arms of the money folk
Who brought and still are bringing us the death throes
Of financialization
The creation of nothing from nothing
The something is a world in which people become
Their own energy sources
Such a stupendous growth would be worth

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Will the election be about the end of oil?

Will the election be about the end of oil
The coming ending we don't want to face
We know that things are coming to a boil
This is the truth that now we must embrace

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Romney embraces the neo-cons be very afraid

The National Memo » Dick Cheney To Host Fundraiser For Romney: "Fomer Vice President Dick Cheney will host a fundraiser for Mitt Romney at his Jackson Hole, Wyoming home, in an effort to win over Bush loyalists who have yet to open up their checkbooks for the Republican nominee."

An opera about now might well be called Mitt Romney and the Neo-cons
Mitt Romney loves the neo-cons like Bush 2 loved Cheney
The neo-cons venerate everything that is destroying our world
The neo-cons know that oil will end and are building wealth to survive oil-ageddon
The neo-cons love sprawl and car-dependence 
Mitt Romney is in league with the neo-cons
The neo-cons want America to continue being Rome
A captive Senate serfs and legions all over = neo-con American Empire 
The neo-cons venerate wealth - for themselves
The neo-cons have no qualms about conducting triage on the world
No clearer reason to oppose Romney is his unholy embrace of the neo-cons

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Graceful Security

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