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Ontological values are deducible inductible abductible

If We Float the Term "ontological Values"  We Most Likely Elicit Widespread "duhs"  or Else Find Ourselves at the Door of This or that Discipline  Where the Phrase Has Some Reality and Context. 
I sometimes ask myself what I would say  if someone asked me what I mean
by ontological values
Ontological values find their setting  within a philosophical stream
within the territory known as being  as the first as the initial sign They are part of the penumbra
Ontological values are deducible inductible  abductible They move from being named  to being proved out in the world of experience  as universal motivators  and practical modes of making history 
Ontological values derive from experience  rather than some cognitive process  They are tolerance democracy helpfulness and non-idolatry These are not merely random (nice) thoughts or virtues They are active ontological values They are the origin of progress They are the drivers of history They are reality
4.  Non-idol…

Despite everything Obama trends toward nonviolence

Despite everything Obama trends toward nonviolence
When Obama is taken to have won creds as Commander in Chief  by his careful excision of Osama it is assumed Obama will be tough and not eschew bloody conflict  Obama has already conceded that despite personal agony  he does indeed recognize the need for and the value of sacrifice 
When Obama is designated the prophet  of nonviolent governance for the world no one responds  because as far as I know no one has ever dubbed him such That will be the task of history  Here is why  
Obama was brought up within a movement context that eschewed violence.  Obama is a genuine partisan of democracy  and democratic states are not inclined to settle disputes by violence That is the way of dictators  Obama has shown himself to be more the enemy  than the friend  of those the US has typically played footsie with in the past.  The world will not end up all sweetness in light. 
But the democratic revolution now in progress  is the first stage of a nat…

But when it comes to vision for the macro world we experience not application but robbery

It Seems There is a Major Disconnect Between Cyber  (the Development of Thinking Around Computer-related Matters)  and the World  (the Use of Computers to Help Design and Build Macro Systems)
In a cyber-world with no split  there would be cyber attention  paid to how to actually build a car-free city  Or how to create an economy  that would pay everyone something -  say more than a dollar or two a day 
But when it comes to vision for the macro world  we experience not application but robbery 
I can only assume that  like the pell-mell rush to gadgets this is a Toynbean retreat from challenge a passive acceptance of the world as it is or simply an assumption that  anything that was relevant to the macro world  would not really be relevant  unless it was strained  through the esoteric linguistic approaches  one finds in cyber-parsings. 
An example is the term ontology  This is a beautiful term with a serious history But in pursuing it on the web  I found its place had been taken by som…

Has the computer reduced chldhood to dross

The Original Playstation is quite obviously a call to reconsider the option available to childrenin today's worldwhere the dawning Cyber Age  gradually impacts the waning Industrial AgeThe notion that we will have no outside playassumes that the Industrial Automobile Sprawl Koch Ageis still dominantThe reality is that everything is being transformedfrom the smallest to the largestWhat we call the environment will be the lastWhen that transformation comes we will no longer be a consumer culturelost in sprawlOur environment will enable the creation ofCyber-Community

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