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Why President Obama Is The Best Hope for Breaking The Hold of the Military Industrial Complex

PRESIDENT OBAMA THOUGH COMMANDER IN CHIEF IS A UNIVERSALIST Universalists who cherish democracy are inclined to do what they can do to create world peace The President has emulated JFK in declaring nuclear disarmament an underlying objective The President has a remarkable opening to reduce military expenses  given debt fears and war weariness
THE NEOCONS REMAIN A BARRIER TO WORLD PEACE There is no more noxious force now than the billionaires who cluster around Romney These people are not peacemakers they are inclined toward iron fist world domination The economic underpinning of their enterprise is the global oil-sprawl economy whose preservation is their do-or-die objective Romney eats drinks and lives neocon
A PRAGMATIC EXPERIMENT PRESENTS ITSELF President Obama has the opportunity to achieve at least some strides under the cover of debt reduction He will not trumpet platitudes about peace But for every step he takes we will be grateful (I hope)  that he continues to preside


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