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My note to James Carville about how we can turbocharge support for Obama and DCCC

Carville you are the best at doping these things out but you are missing the boat. Nothing I write ever gets through as far as I know but if this does I wil make it simple. The only way to dramatize this situation is to have a major Obama speech that includes setting September as a month when we smaller contributors (I am a middling one) OUTRAISE these bozos. If you have no time frame and incentive model that shows we are not just hand wringing with daily spammish pleas we will not dramatize the unfairness we are up against and also demonstrate what we can do when united.  I will blog this in hopes the message will get through, It resonates among my 20k Twitter gang.Stephen's Remarkable Kindle Store

Both Peirce and Nietzsche are in my view posthumous authors leaving us hints that have yet even to be discovered

This is where both Peirce and Nietzsche are in my view posthumous authors leaving us hints that have yet even to be discovered. My own guess abduction is that both of them point to the reality of values within...reality. And that these are consistent with what can be deduced from the portion of the gospels (and other writings) they cited that do create a matrix for inferring values within us that are universal and ontological. 
This is the general direction of the work I pursue and have pursued for about thirty years. 
I feel I am generally correct. Peirce's hints came in his various remarks about New Testament texts and related matters - community, continuity, fruits. 
Nietzsche I understand to have completed his revaluation of values with the puzzle left us in the Antichrist. Given his own warped sense of values, he could go no further and went mad. 
Needless to say I have no academic takers on this line of thought, but I do not do badly with my…

Mitt Romney Budget Buster - David Leonhardt Ignores 1/20/09 Conspiracy Against President Obama

Romney’s First 100 Days Could Bring Significant Change - "“We’re having a real debate about the size and scope of government,” says Senator John Cornyn of Texas, who is overseeing the Republicans’ Senate campaigns. “If Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan win, as I expect they will, they can justly claim a mandate, and I think it will make it much easier to do the hard things we all know need to be done.”"

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The New York Times has gone beyond giving the benefit of a doubt to telling outright lies. Such is the piece by Pulitzer winner David Leonhardt. It is a Koch-sized tissue of lies. I shall merely note a few high points and invite you to see if you do not agree with me that at bottom the Times accepts as reality the efficacy of the Wall Street-Greenwich axis as the Best Hope of America.

He quotes Grover Norquist as though the man was anything other than a destroyer. I think at bottom Leonhardt believes that Norquist nostrums are not toxic.