It has been said that there is no exact logic but that is because there is no exact anything

It has been said that there is no exact logic
but that is because there is no exact anything
and once one presumes to do logic
one is involved in the same box that mathematics occupies
That would be the box of never being able to be exact
Not finally
The reason for this conundrum 
is not that God plays dice after all
and leaves us destined to go off the several cliffs we see
It is because the one I call Abba places within each of us
the only freedom that is actually real
That would be the freedom to choose among the values that are already there
Let us place at the top of those "already values"
That would be the voice from the burning bush refusing to
give a name to the mystery that surrounds us
That would be the cautionary theme of science in its highest form
and of theology freed from its obligation to dumb things down
I am saying that to do proper logic one must acknowledge who we are
with our manifest imperfections
and celebrate the fact that we do have the capacity
to choose the better values
and that when we descend into such practices 
as idolatry we foreclose or radically inhibit such choices
The consequence is intellectual sclerosis
The cure is acknowledging that even mathematics is a tool
that logic is also a tool
and that humility is the happy by-product of non-idolatry
and that beyond the penumbra we cannot see

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Imperfections are the inevitable result of trying to do everything yourself

Imperfections are the inevitable result of trying to
do everything yourself
That of course is a distortion because we do nothing by ourselves
Even the most isolated nomad of the universe is never alone
What I mean is that if you create as I do
with no one looking over my shoulder 
I will find imperfections everywhere
a glaring misprint in a Kindle Book
that would take me a while to correct
while I have other things to do
and probably 100 more
Now once when I was in the scarce book
(there are few rare books)
I learned the value of imperfection
An edition with an error might be worth
much more than a corrected version
A glaring mistake might
win the auction
But cyber-situations
make correction not only simple to rectify but
Here I have taken all the time I might need to
mindfully correct the error that I failed to notice
to expatiate on
the bump it created on the smooth highway of my morning

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Three Salient Tweets and a Homily on Interpretation


Pragmaticist=someone who is pragmatic but who also cleaves to a way of tolerance, democracy, helpfulness and non-idolatry.
The President is more like us than the cult like slaves of idolatries and religions who believe they have the Truth. He is a pragmataciist.
Those who cry liberty include the same folk who love our neocon wars "to spread liberty" = AKA serfdom for all but those who cry liberty.

The three tweets above are why I am for Barack Obama
Pragmatacist stems from Charles Sanders Peirce
I reject as futile efforts to claim anyone as MY authority
Representing we know another is a a waste of time
We gather gifts from others 
What we do with them 
comes out of us not them
Values I name I have inferred from others
and happily commend to all
Tolerance helpfulness democracy non-idoolatry
I happily pick from the trees of Nietzsche Peirce Pirsig Millett
and others
and sample them
as we all do I suspect
Have a nice day 

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The image is called Seeking Solace
I am not sure why 

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