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Charles Sanders Peirce has inspired me to understand values as ontological

Charles Sanders Peirce has inspired me to  understand values as ontological  and tied to human will.  Charles Sanders Peirce has encouraged me to  herald the death of culture religion  (see Barth)   and its evolution into a global spirituality  based on values -  lived in the immanent frame.
Charles Sanders Peirce has inspired me to  wonder about my past  as his family arrived in Watertown, MA,  at about the same time  my ancestor  Captain Hugh Mason settled there (1639)  and I share many traits that have been  ascribed to CSP and have had  a “career” similar in some respects to his.  Charles Sanders Peirce saw through things  and was plain in his description of what he saw.  Those who find him obscure  may have vision problems  or not.  It depends on your philosophy.
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Will is the power that enables conscious, reasoned thought.

The Struggle
Will is the power that enables  conscious, reasoned thought.  The reality of will and its fundamental power  is central to Triadic Philosophy.  We are confronted with mystery always.   Thinking realistically carves out a space  within the mystery  for the consideration of Ethics  and then enables an Aesthetic response  that tends toward the beautiful and true.  We have spent millennia  locked in largely binary,  dyadic modes of perception,  leading to conflict in all areas of existence.  We have denied the will to determine our destiny.  We have subordinated values  to the realm of pricing things.  And we wonder where we are going.  Triadic Philosophy demonstrates that  the lineaments of a positive destiny   have been present all along.  It was always possible to think in threes.

Doing things by rote means that we have settled on them. They are habits.

Open Source
Doing things by rote means  that we have settled on them.  They are habits.  Triadic Philosophy becomes an active,  willed element of our lives  when thought is required.  When a habit must be changed.  Or when something new must be done.  Triadic Philosophy offers a mindful route to  the solution of any issue one wishes to tackle.
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Acting in Triadic Philosophy is always the result of perceiving a sign, word or idea

Strange Ocean
Acting in Triadic Philosophy is always  the result  of perceiving a sign, word or idea,  then passing it through the skein of the Ethical  and  finally willing that our resulting acts  tend toward truth and beauty.   Though we claim reality for ourselves  and even for our actions,  the specificity of any act means that  it has no ontological (general) status in itself.  We become more real  (with a small r)  the more our actions are redolent of Reality.  It is an interesting journey.  Signs, words and ideas begin in the realm of Reality.  Their passage through Ethics and  Aesthetics  gives them a particularity.  All acts are particular.  Still the closer our actions are to the ideal  the more we can  guess that eternity is  intersecting with chronological time.
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Triadic Philosophy - Thinking is as important to history as actions are.

Fantasy Blocks + Thinking is  as important to history as actions are.  A life devoted  mainly to thinking is as admirable  as one focused entirely on action.  Practically speaking, most of us do both.   And we err most egregiously  when we make a distinction between the two.  Triadic Philosophy operates in every case  to unify thinking and acting  under the signs of  the Ethical and the Aesthetic.  + You can purchase the Kindle version of Triadic Philosophy 100 Aphorisms atStephen's Remarkable Kindle Store