Beware of bio-dualism of any sort. There are different and equally productive ways of understanding our lives here and our forthcoming continuation of life there. The grammar of the ongoing (in the Risen) attack on the ego mind seems to me to protest too much. And to limit a demonstrable capacity of human beings to fashion their own spirituality by their own lights. Just saying.

I post this here because having been told I had to be a Team member (sic) to post on The Risen site I was shunted back to my own Dashboard. I have been wrestling with Dr. Goforth (a pseudonym) for some time in an effort to see The Risen as ma coherent whole rather than an amalgam of elements. I find it necessary as part of my own work which is now focused on many of the same issues Goforth describes as his province. 

His attack on the ego seems related to the general fate of the ego in New Age literature (Course in Miracles, etc) and in the perorations of many better known non-dual thinkers. 

To be nondual seems to me to allow everything including the ego to be seen and understood as part of what is good and beautiful. Obviously the physical results of many events and increasingly the results of heavenly events are unfortunate and ugly and angst producing. But not to finally denote all as unconditional love and build a cosmo-view on the perfidy of a portion of who we are is either wrong (if that is meant) or quite confusing if where I am is also where August is.  I had hoped to have a dialog!

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