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Syria's Assad IS An International Pariah

Syria's Assad should be an international pariah -

Someday I will try to prove that ontological values are within each living being to be discovered and accepted as a basis for action for living rejected, leaving one locked in a struggle with oneself and one's conscience.
By any measure a head of state that kills with impunity is high on the list of international pariahs. Taking a human life is the equivalent of directly attacking the ground of all being who is the one Jesus called Abba.
Abba is within everyone. Abba is in Assad. Were Assad to recognize this, he would turn from his murderous course by default.

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Millennials have every right to be disinterested

Are millennials cut out for this job market? -

It's a good sign not to be interested in this job market Work itself as a commuter nine to five reality is an absurd way to achieve aims that are not in themselves a form of make work Supercomputers could do what a thousand folk in cubicles do if they were properly mandated We have tried to fit cyberspace to reality when we should be doing the reverse The wave of the future should be living and integrating what people do with the way they want to live People should be able to contribute to a job what they will to contribute The rules of jobs should be made more specific and more a matter of individual agreement about hours and such The notion that one size of anything fits more than one ignores the will to personalization that is at the center of consciousness I would not want to work to sustain a world of sprawl big oil and overpriced education and construction I would not want to do infrastructure unless it tended toward the car free W…

Popper and Peirce are on the same page

Popper says: The empirical bases of objective science has thus nothing 'absolute' about it.  Science does not rest on solid bedrock.  The bold structure of its theories rises, as it were, above a swamp.  It is like a building erected on piles.  The piles are driven down from above into the swamp, but not down to any natural or ‘given’ base; and if we stop driving the piles deeper, it is not because we have reached firm ground.  We simply stop when we are satisfied that the piles are firm enough to carry the structure, at least for the time being.  (Logic of Scientific Discovery., pp. 11) Cap tip Peter
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Recovery depends on creating something people want

Ezra Klein: We've Stabilized Into Crisis - The Daily Beast

Let's see what could that be A cheaper way to live as in less expensive housing A cheaper way to learn and get accreditation as in less expensive education A cheaper way to travel as in better mass transportation and less fuel gobbling modes More face to face community but in a more secure environment than now exists Less obfuscation generally in all areas There's a starting list And all of these can be addressed by thinking cyber instead of the culture we insist can recover which is oil sprawl And ultimately cyber will be the basis for new face to face secure cyber communities that cut the cost of living in half and increase the meaning and enjoyment of living by at least that much

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On not knowing what we are talking about

Balanced Budget Amendment Next Goal for Republicans -

It is perplexing not to know what one is opining about I would not pretend to know if it is right to say that all states must borrow more than they take in to grow If it is right the GOP is wrong But I think the GOP is wrong in another way Its trust in private enterprise requires a Reinhold Niebuhr realism I think With little or no regulation the impulse to profit and the willingness to cut corners is what we might oil-spill intensive or meltdown-intensive Russia demonstrates that these sins are not confined to private enterprise Niebuhr would say these lapses reflect immoral society and agree with me that democracy is the best of options available In order for the GOP to convince me that required budget balancing is not a formula for national suicide it would have to prove to me that Private enterprise is inherently moral - that it practices tolerance, helpfulness and democracy and has no idols including profit And that private e…

You will note that obscurantism is my MO

I am disgusted with myself and the Web generally whenever I find myself acting as though my life depended on Matt CuttsMatt is Google's chief of algorithm or something like thatMy response is to be intentionally obscureFor example my most recent post talks about raising a statute of limitationsWithout indicating on what or whether there was actually a crime committed Which there was not in a technical senseOr which search-worthy person the piece is aboutI choose my titles from the ether where all signs have their originThe only way anyone will actually find a post  here is if someone tells them about itThat is obviously a recipe for failureBut I have learned over time to wear failure as a badge of honorIt is in fact the only honor I would claim without reservationBut I do want readers to know that I am aware of thisAnd that I have to discipline myself constantly to ensure that there are no exceptions 
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In which I lift the statute of limitations

I know I do things in a weird wayWe all have such waysIn my case when I see the NYT lining up to mash Tiger, I know it is time to shelve any regret I have and come out four square on his sideGo get 'em Tiger with your new management your new swing coach and your new caddieEven if you don't play your way out I pronounce you free and clear of your pastSuch a pronouncement is worth exactly nothing in the scheme of thingsSave what can be reaped by the power of wordsGo Get 'em TigerJust to prove the NYT wrong(no link, sorry)
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‪Rick Perry's Valhalla

‪Reclaim 7 Mountains of Culture‬‏ - YouTube

The hip starting point of underpinning of what we are getting from the Right It is all for our own good. It is all dressed in binary good evil simplicity It is so simple it codes right in to No Islam No faggots No infidels in business Christian jihad The reason why we see the sensible churches who do not buy fundamentalist binary thinking closing up shop And mega fundie enterprise revving up The only problem is that cross hairs culture is inimical to our health And has no relationship to the Jesus who can be perceived in the Gospel of Mark Besides that the fruits by which it is known are strange in every sense of that loaded word From Alabama to Somalia Ouch Anyway if you are curious about how this all was etherized watch the video
Alt: Sheer power can work wonders Koches in your pocket save Perry unleashed continues Bush evil

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If you want to dig deeper be my guest

Market Crash: Why Developing Countries Will Save the Old World - The Daily Beast: "Markets crashed Thursday because Europe looks sick and the U.S. looks feeble. Money manager Zachary Karabell on why it’s developing countries that will carry us out of this mess."

And a little child shall lead us. Right on. But the Developing Countries had best be done with fossil fuels, sprawl and tacky consumer economies and cotton to teaching children well with basic values we have ignored for thousands of years. Leap to walkable cyber cities that retain the village yet have enough in the community to enable vibrant local economies. Then all will indeed be well. Or at least better than now. Set an example to us.

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So what is new about disapproving of Congress

Poll: Disapproval of Congress hits all-time high - Political Hotsheet - CBS News

This is the most stupid distortion I have ever seen Congress exists to win disapproval They have been consistent over time Disapproval is exaggerated now only because the Republicans have a massive internal sickness that is messing up the system The system is intentionally binary two sided confrontational What tells is the health of either party and how we the people establish that Our glorious system works When it screws up, the people need to make corrections according  to our system of checks and balances If we don't like Congress as it is we can vote for Democrats who are generally nicer and more tolerant than Republicans and who care more for justice If we think the Democrats are flaccid we can rectify that by voting for the criminal right as people did in 2010 Obama understands checks and balances Dis-elect the GOP and get it into rehab and all will be well

Bill Shirer remembered

Book Review: The Long Night - "Shirer would achieve fame all over the English-speaking world as a historian of the Third Reich, but he was at his best as a reporter. His greatest talent lay, as Mr. Wick shows, in simply being there when big things happened."

And I remember Bill too Frequent luncheon conversations in our Berkshire County haunts He had retired to the Pelton house in Lenox I was in Stockbridge We had a push pull relationship as he was always at me to work harder I was always bobbing and weaving It was copacetic It was what it was What we did share mainly was a hatred of totalitarianism And a sense of its ominous presence even in the late 1960s as it was attaining its shape and style In these parts This biography looks to be a good work if I may use that term

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A salient squib from C. S. Peirce

You hear a new slang word: you never ask for a definition of it;  and you never get one.   You do not get even any simple example of its use;  you only hear it in ironical, twisted, humorous, sentences whose meaning is turned inside out and tied in a hard knot;  yet you know what that word means much better than any abstract definition could have informed you.   In riding a horse; rider and ridden understand one another [in] a way of which the former can no more give an account than the latter.  (Collected Papers, 7.447) Cap tip Neal
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Why the poor in spirit are blessed

Because they are happy to spend no time worrying about their spiritual stateBecause they are unconcerned about all the things that worry the rich and powerfulBecause they live in the realm of Abba or close to itBecause in that realm everything is aimed at making earth a bit more heavenlyBecause they are in touch with the active values that make for a more heavenly worldThat is to say they are keen on democracy and on tolerance and on helping othersBut they put on no airs and do not fancy being martyrsThey just do it more or lessAnd mainly because they have no idolsThey have been blessed with a saving iconoclasmAll these things are theirsSoBlessed are the poor in spirit
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J. P Morgan owns Kentucky what's next

How JP Morgan Took Over All Kentucky's Financial Services, And Why You Should Be Scared | | AlterNet

Well how about abolishing banks Banks exist because we have not discovered (yet) a more happy means of existing We now are thankful if the place we stash our money is nice to us We are subject to telephone calls we cannot identify from banks we do not know The banks are no longer made of marble They simply acquire on a screen Money grows in bytes Is it human I don't think so Do I have a solution As Amy Winehouse may have said No no no no

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Somalia tears will do nothing

Somalia - The Daily Beast

Tears will do nothing to save still more thousands from banal death due to values that are acting to produce them The answer lies in freedom of movement as a basic human right that is consistent with the value democracy The world has not fully widened its comprehension of democracy to enable this The answer lies in genuine helpfulness which is helpfulness consistent with democracy The answer lies in tolerance but the absence of tolerance is rife within the insurgency and our tolerance has erroneously accepted the famine-humanitarian model rather than dealing with the value problem which is fundamental When a famine is permitted the core active values of Abba's way have failed  Abba is administered a mortal wound as each child bloats and dies before our tearful eyes

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