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Alright, Bachmann lies and media pay no mind

Hullabaloo: "For a perfect example of Cokie's Law, go to about 3:55 on this video and watch Charlie Cook explain that Michele Bachmann trafficking in lies is perfectly normal and no cause for concern:"

Follow the dots above Whether you did or didn't here is the Michelle MO Say whatever you like that fits your narrative Call any contradiction untrue Restate your lie If you get caught out simply refer to the past and say this has been completely misinterpreted from the start Then tell the same lie again in different words
My antidote is to tell a truth that Michelle proudly admits She opposes compromise She would not have raised the debt ceiling These two facts alone disqualify her from serious consideration
Progressives need to stick with what people will regard as true and as less than admirable

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I would not call the past decade golden - misconceived is better

Defense Industry Faces Profit Losses As Golden Decade Ends: "In the decade since the Sept. 11 attacks, the annual defense budget has more than doubled to $700 billion and annual defense industry profits have nearly quadrupled, approaching $25 billion last year."

After 9/11 I immediately started writing something I titled Amnesia It was the true account of how the President parsed 9/11 as a divine call for the end of war on earth Not not a war on terror but a nonviolent revolution Not for values of patriotism and strength and competition and conquering enemies
I have long since lost the mss We never got its message Or did we Events since have proved its salience
There is never a guarantee that reason and salience will prevail But there is a reasonable inference that ontological values will indeed supplant tawdry values like the ones noted above So to struggle for democracy and tolerance and helpfulness non-idolatry is hardly a waste of energy
Revaluation of values rivals poetry as the mo…

What if Jesus was proved a fiction?

Alvar Ellegaard: Jesus the Myth, Man of the Indefinite Past: "EllegÄrd concludes that the story of Jesus of Nazareth, crucified by Pilate, was a fictional construction."

He would join Hamlet and Lear and Falstaff He would not be the center of a religion He would be a paradigm of an earthly morality An ethic based on values at odds with those of our world The odd thing is that billions will deny that Jesus is a fiction But they would not at the same time suggest that he is anything but the center of a religion The sum total of what we have inherited is a Jesus who articulated values that Christians largely ignore These include place Abba first - non-idolatry Respect for the other and for all - democracy Loving your neighbor and your enemy - helpfulness And not judging others - tolerance Why the disjuncture For one thing 2000 years is not that long a time We are only a percent or two along the way

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Rick Perry is America's worst nightmare

Rick Perry: 'I hope I'm President Obama's worst nightmare'

The only question  Is is it best be defeat him immediately and see the GOP self destruct Or is it better to allow a Bush 3 revival GOP unification revival under the Perry Mantle of Distortions and Lies that he will inflict upon a gullible media and an uncertain public The risk of a Perry victory suggests that the answer is to nip this in the bud
Rick Perry is an avowed secessionist as Sarah Palin has also been Rick Perry is an active proponent of theocracy and theocracy in his book trumps democracy Rick Perry's jobs record is the product of factors that do not exist in the rest of the country and behind the record runs unemployment that has risen more than in New York State But more than any of these damning realities is Perry's neocon stance
The only good reason for wanting Perry to be the nominee is to force Obama into a tougher commitment to reduce the footprint of the military around the world By forcing Pe…

Back. My Mom is 102! (With a Coda)

Yep I had to repair a bit north of Manhattan to get inundated with rain and with happiness that my mom made it to her 102nd birthday, which is to say she entered her 103rd year. Another way of looking at it is: if you give the child three years to become fully conscious of things, she has had a century of consciousness. 
I was delighted to find that even with a day's hiatus there were some 500 views. I have long given up on the big time in blogdom. 500 looks pretty good to me.
My mother passed away peacefully this morning at 5:30 AM (August 16, 2011)
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