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Cool New Years Fireworks in Sydney Video

Already 2012 in New Zealand Video

The word new appears only three times in Mark

The word new appears only three times in Mark
Chapter 14
24: And he said unto them, This is my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many.
25: Verily I say unto you, I will drink no more of the fruit of the vine, until that day that I drink it new in the kingdom of God.
Chapter 16
17: And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;
Only the first reference could be construed as relating to now. It goes back to Chapter 1 when Jesus identifies the gospelAs the nearness of Abba and Abba's realm Accessible via repentance and belief
In the second reference the realm is in the future and it is a placeA place where Abba's will is done
Finally the followers of Jesus will cast out evil and speak a new language
Is it any wonder that the world resonates to the newIn Mark the new time is announcedThe veracity of a new belief is attestedNow time advancesPresent progressesEverything always newDo not be surprised at mi…

Searching for causes in all the wrong places

Trials and Errors: Why Science Is Failing Us | Magazine:

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Science may fail us by assuming wrong causes but it also fails us by generally not allowing place for realist (Peirce) philosophy within its purview. This impacts us all because it lifts from science the obligation to consider ethics as more than an optional add-on. Science won as method long ago. Today it risks losing on execution.

The Cap Tip Club - note to friends and followers

Should Barack Obama be crying whoops?

Wall Street Lobbyist | Obama Re-Election Campaign Adviser | The Daily Caller:

"Liberal group Friends of the Earth, which adamantly opposes the Keystone XL pipeline, is furious with Obama’s decision to hire a former pro-pipeline lobbyist. The group is disgusted with what it considers Obama’s blatant support for crony capitalism.

“Apparently the hope and change idealism of the 2008 campaign has been replaced by cynical status quo insiderism for 2012,” Friends of the Earth spokesman Nick Berning told The Daily Caller. “It’s as though the Obama campaign were intentionally trying to alienate its base.”

The Obama re-election campaign appears to have tried to hide or downplay Johnson’s lobbying history, as the original campaign press release announcing his hire completely ignored it. Democratic National Committee spokesman Brad Woodhouse hasn’t returned TheDC’s request for comment on the issue, either."

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I've been willing to give the President a pass on G…

The Cap Tip Club - note to friends and followers

Dear friends, family, acquaintances, Twitter followers, LinkedIn folk and Facebook and MySpace friends - if I left someone out, you are included.
ShortTermContent at Blogger publishes things that warrant more than a casual tweet or microblog. Thus far I have only dipped my toe in the river of content this model could bring forth.
Clearly the next step is the creation of a Cap Tip Club - a means by which you in your own thinking and travels can ensure that your observations or quotations will be published in a form that will ensure that it is listed in the Search Engines and read by more than a few people. This is not yet a massive traffic destination but I know it has influence because of what I hear here and there - ideas that were launched here that have been "picked up" as it were.
The Cap Tip Club will have a full time editor. That would be me. All it takes is the use of email to inform me of what you want said and your permission to present it in a way that makes sense…

An energy disaster looms for Saudi Arabia

Burning Oil to Keep Cool: The Hidden Energy Crisis in Saudi Arabia | Chatham House: Independent thinking on international affairs:

"Domestic energy demand growth in Saudi Arabia is cause for international concern. If it continues at the current rate, it could jeopardize the country's ability to stabilize world oil markets.

Given Saudi Arabia's level of dependence on oil revenues, excessive consumption will cause economic and social pressures long before oil exports end – within a decade if nothing changes."

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Plus they have just bought tens of billions worth of fuel guzzling warplanes from the world's biggest supplier of death dealing things - that would be US.

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No Dudes - the old Mary Daly treatment

Blamer Book Club - Yee-haw! (showing 1-4 of 4): "No dudes is OK with me, but I'm not the king of this group or anything. "

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I protested to Mary and this pushes the same button. I could if I wished gussy up a female ID and pass muster even with the venerable Twisty. I would probably get more readers because I would be au courant and not someone who was lost sight of before the last few generations were born. No dudes as a philosophical proposition I could go along with - at least as a sign in the Piercean sense. That would make ME the second. And the third? Don't tell me to just get my stuff straight with other dudes. That's where this whole logic breaks down. THIS is the third.

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How President Obama Could Get My Contribution Juices Flowing

He could pardon Bradley ManningAppoint a panel to examine options for (or create) car free communitiesAppoint a panel to do the same on multi-zoned communitiesOr create them Where everything is in walking distanceHe could reexamine the use of drones and their proliferationHe could hold a Global Disarmament Conference to deal with IranHe could prosecute those who have consciously ripped off investorsI am FOR the President and trust himTo decide what is possibleI am just talking about juice flowingThus I provide the following free imageTo show you where I standPlease copy it and send it aboutIt is the concise truth

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Bring on the clouds - computer glut

I would call myself a power userWhen I say bring on the cloudsI am thinking streaming so everyone will not need a million gigabytes On their own private little gadgetA well set-up operation like mineNow goes at a snail's pace intermittentlyGreat business for the speed-up-your-computer mongers
I sense that this year will be the year of multi glutThe year when the honchos decide to stream everythingAnd somehow reduce the download flood
Maybe I am wrongI am not techno anymoreThough I used to write neat batch files back whenNow I simply add my voice to any voice that will help keep the WebFrom being so stalled that it is largely uselessWe are not there yet but the race is on
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Dear Occupy let's confront waste and overcharging

ShortFormContent at Blogger:

Yep. When you start examining the medical and dental bills you find that you (and I do not mean just me) are being charged hundreds for a mere blood pressure check, $400 for a mere teeth cleaning and so forth and so on. These are One Percent charges inflicted on 99 percent people. The costs for more advanced medical procedures would enable the purchase of a fleet of VWs not so many decades ago. All this could be changed if we created  car-freecyber-communities from today's sprawl and if each of them had kiosk-type facilities where preventive and elementary care could be dispensed. Our public imagination is stunted.

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OWS a little hibernation then a spring wave like we've never seen

An exclusive Q&A with Occupy movement founder Kalle Lasn: "Winter, he says, should be a time for celebrating autumn’s grand accomplishment and for “brainstorming” strategies for phase two. While he hopes a few “diehards” will hold out at occupations through the winter, he expects the second phase to ramp up in the spring."

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Maybe as we hibernate we should itemize the things that need fixing. And be thankful that we have had some months to learn the ineffable power of nonviolent horizontal democracy.
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I also hope he will take some time to avert a Third World War

Obama's resolution? To limit dealings with Congress - "Reporting from Honolulu— Heading into the new year, President Obama will insist that Congress renew the payroll tax cut through the end of 2012, but will otherwise limit his dealings with an unpopular Congress, and instead travel the country to deliver his reelection message directly to voters, a White House aide said."

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Our skewed media do not seem to know that there are wheels turning out there that will mean much more to everyone than how the President campaigns. He has been sage enough in foreign matters save on Bradley manning and the prodigal use of drones. I must assume he is giving attention to the oil war syndrome now tossing us into a pre-war international dynamic.

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