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I Was Wrong About The LA Car Fires

ShortFormContent at Blogger: The war on cars has begun:

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The plague of car fires in LA seemed to me to be an eco-war on the car. It appears I was quite wrong. It now seems that one person managed to set all the fires in a 72-hour period and that the alleged perpetrator is an unbalanced 24-year old from Canada with an animus against the US. VIDEO

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Why Iowa is a Loss for Romney

Had Romney not carried out the kill-Newt attack in IowaHe might rationalize ending up even withAn unelectable LibertarianAnd a dogged Evangelical
But he outspent everyone withHis PAC's Willie Horton repriseRun by the guy who did the original Willie Horton for Bush 1 
And with millions spent all Romnney has done is show That quasi-centrist, relatively sane RepublicansCompose less than one-third of all Republicans in 2012
Mitt will spend the next four yearsIn his new California mansionContiuuing his effort to emulate the late Johnny Carson
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How to be a nobody in today's Web world

Do not seek to be liked Seek no followersSpurn celebrityHave no nichePush no productsBe  neither coach nor a consultantBe on no TV showHave no academic credentials or affiliationsNo specialtyDo not monetize yourselfOr practice SEOOr pay someone else to do the sameTry to do everything for freeRefuse to proclaim anything Including atheismBe inconsistentLet moods guide youBe oldCreate in soliutudeMoralize

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The universality of culpability

New Tao Posts: The Tao knows we're not righteous no not one:

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The culpability is shared by all Murders slaughterings bullying slighting If we have not committed these we have sat by and accepted All things that are done are intertwined into a web of commonality History is thus the product of the values we each hold And there is never perfection though there is progress When we imperfect souls grasp tolerance And helpfulness And democracy And strive to live with no idols And to worship no graven images
We are on Abba's Way

Jesus loved sinners because he loved everyone And everyone is a sinner

Some Steps toward Peace in Afghanistan

Taliban to Open Qatar Office in Step Toward Peace Talks - "In a statement, Zabiullah Mujahid, a spokesman for the Taliban, said that along with agreeing to set up the office in Qatar, the group was asking that Taliban detainees held at the American prison in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, be released. Mr. Mujahid did not say when the Qatar office would be opened, or give specifics about the prisoners the Taliban wanted freed."

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Lucid on debt if not on a vision for our future

Nobody Understands Debt -

"And that’s why nations with stable, responsible governments — that is, governments that are willing to impose modestly higher taxes when the situation warrants it — have historically been able to live with much higher levels of debt than today’s conventional wisdom would lead you to believe. Britain, in particular, has had debt exceeding 100 percent of G.D.P. for 81 of the last 170 years. When Keynes was writing about the need to spend your way out of a depression, Britain was deeper in debt than any advanced nation today, with the exception of Japan.

Of course, America, with its rabidly antitax conservative movement, may not have a government that is responsible in this sense. But in that case the fault lies not in our debt, but in ourselves.

So yes, debt matters. But right now, other things matter more. We need more, not less, government spending to get us out of our unemployment trap. And the wrongheaded, ill-informed obsession with deb…

The Right Wing Will Natter Away But This Makes Sense

Pentagon to Present Vision of Reduced Military - "In a shift of doctrine driven by fiscal reality and a deal last summer that kept the United States from defaulting on its debts, Mr. Panetta is expected to outline plans for carefully shrinking the military — and in so doing make it clear that the Pentagon will not maintain the ability to fight two sustained ground wars at once."

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We should signal to the world that ground wars are not our thing, period.

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LA Arson Case Remains A Mystery (Video)

German man's arrest in arson brings L.A. relief - CBS News:

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Yes, there is a suspect who is said to be a German man disconsolate over his mom's immigration woes. But you would have to be rather nimble to set off such a plethora of blazes extending back to last Thursday.

Considerably more at the following address:

Harry Burkhart, L.A. Arson Fires Suspect From Germany, Says 'I Hate America' - Los Angeles News - The Informer

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I think I see both duck and rabbit at once

duck3.png (387×400):

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Cap Tip Gene, Kirsti

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And from Kirsti:

About fifteen years ago I started to see both the duck and the rabbit in the picture. Earlier it had been impossible, the figures I saw just changed from one to the other. The second step in experimenting consisted of changing the figure at will. Then I could choose to see the rabbit or the duck as I chose.

Every now and then I used to take up looking at the duck or the rabbit, as I chose, as a past time. - Not very often, though. - To my surprise, it once happened that I saw both, simultaneously.

Within Gestalt theory, it is supposed to be a human universal that these kinds of figures are seen in an either/or way. - Well, it only takes one case to to prove an assumption of universality wrong. - Just as it takes only one case to prove a possibility.

I do not know any drawing with three changing figures. - Well, now that that think again, I do. It is this very…