No Risk Centrism

I will give Paul Ryan three points  and Bill Clinton one. The points are hardly exclusive to these worthies. In fact they might get more than a majority assent.

I. We need to address the debt.

2. We need to free market capitalism to work at full power.

3. We need to eliminate every last loophole in our sclerotic tax code.

4. We need to get OFF the anti-government kick. A robust government is necessary. A robust private sector is necessary. Growth cannot happen without both. A creative tension is good. What we have today is the pinnacle of immaturity.

And if we were to choose a person who pretty much subscribes to the four principles above, my candidate would be Barack Obama.

The part of government that is too big is the combined heads of the individuals who fail to embrace the four points above. We need to elect a Congress that will  implement the above.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

The Risky GOP's Failed Attack Politics

First you called him a celebrity (instead of a smart politician)
Then you tried the Palin Hannity smear strategy (helping him win)
Then you stoked the wrath of the American people who 
Revolted in 2010 and filled Congress with more shameful behavior yet
Then you proceeded to lose contests in what once were GOP strongholds
And now you consider a candidate who has purchased a nomination direct and outright
And he proposes a campaign that mixes outright waffle-lies
With vicious attack ads
And you think the GOP after GWB can win the confidence of the American people
Sorry not this time
You are the party of risk
And the risk is real
We need a steady hand
Tough values
And a commitment to justice and fairness
None of these things are offered by the risky GOP
Call Obama anything you like
All it does is say what a risky bet you have become.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Mildred Purse Texts Mitt Romney About Risk

Hillary is getting lots of mileage from her texts
Now it's Mildred's turn
Today she texted Mitt Romney twice

How will you keep the GOP from going beserk?

How do you propose to keep me alive if you if you help the GOP eviscerate health care?  

(She is waiting for answers..)

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

How to get the message of the Obama campaign wrong

Hilary Rosen, Democratic Strategist, Criticizes Ann Romney For Having 'Never Worked A Day In Her Life':

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Every woman who has stayed at home by choice
Will be offended by this sort of attack
The only effective attack that Obama has is to stress the risk
The serious risk
The global risk
If the GOP wins
It has nothing to do with who Romney is
He could be a nice guy and there would still be risk
Because the forces he is beholden to mean no good
Risk risk risk not the 24 hour news cycle crap that
Merely tells us that our side is as tawdry as
The risk-producing risk-creating risk-prone GOP
Obama is better than that
If this is what we want to put forth ad Democratic strategy
We are creating risk as we speak

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Trayvon - theatricality and probability

George Zimmerman to Appear in Court - NYTimes.com:

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My guess is that George Zimmerman will get a plea deal that amounts to doing time for manslaughter which is the least of his possible offenses. The theatrics around the charge of second degree murder and the charge itself were perhaps deemed necessary as a sort of cod water exercise. Second thoughts may support the probability t of compromise. But if the defense decides to tough it out OJ-style, theatricality will emerge full-blown and  the defendant could walk , to tangible suffering all around.. A terrible crime will go unpunished. A terrible law will gain support.Odious profiling will continue. And hate groups will be more free to ply their trade.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Time to revive my Hillary Obama Biden Meme

Now that Maureen Dowd is salivating about Hillary's presence 
It is time to revive my meme of some months ago
I proposed that
Were there a vacancy on the Court between now and Charlotte
That the President appoint Biden to fill it
It would be very hard  for the traitorous GOP
to turn Biden down
This would clear the VPcy for Hillary
and probably guarantee an Obama victory
and give Hillary the choice to run with 
no opposition in 2016
if she liked the work
Even if there was no vacancy on the Supreme Court
there is no reason why the appeal of this idea would not allow it 
to come to pass
and for Biden to eventually become a great Justice
after a lean season

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Let's move to RISK messaging when talking of the GOP

From President Obama to me and a zillion others:
Now we know who we're up against -- a person who would rewind to the same failed economic policies that created the crisis, roll back the rights of women, and return to the social agenda of a century ago.
Is this the right message?
We cannot be sure the GOP will nominate "him".
But if this is correct how 'bout
Whatever the face the risk is the same. A risk of recession or worse. A risk of a return to the dark ages for women. A risk that seniors and children will lose everything.
To me the language of RISK whould dominate messaging when referring to the opposition
That gives us high ground and gives them nada nary an inch
We're not pleading, we're telling it exactly like it is

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

The Jesus of "Abba's Way" does not proselytize

My words were plain back then, they are plain now;
Rejoice. Take Abba in. Receive his love.
You are a spectrum, primal to sublime;
You overcome when Abba lifts you up.
Come celebrate. Learn silence. Then create.
You are a calling from Abba’s great heart
To be, and to become, a strong beacon;
To build new values earth can depend on.
Judge not. But be a light that can be seen.
Judge not. But let the world know Abba’s way.
Judge not. For Abba works in everything.
Let Abba’s wisdom shine in all you say.

The Jesus of "Abba's Way" does not proselytize
He calls us to simplicities that confound this world 
He understands the reality of humanness
His "judge not" is a gateway to a delicious liberty

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Reality and the e-book blame game

The reality is all words will move to the Web
And from there to whatever works to read them
A paper book will be like an antique
Available to those who wish to collect them
It's not a competition
It's a choice
The winners are the multitudes
Who would never pay a whole month's salary
For a book but who would for a device that read
All books
Beyond blame is reality
All books on all platforms
Selling through all channels
To all people
When we reckon markets in billions
There may be fewer billionaires
And more people reading

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