The only weapon against GOP-Koch money is votes

QUOTE from an DCCC email:

Breaking: Senate Republicans just blocked President Obama’s “Buffett Rule”, which would have closed the loopholes that allow corporate CEOs to pay a lower tax rate than the rest of us.

This is the culmination of everything the Koch Brothers have worked for, politically. They’ll destroy anything that resembles a fairer system. And they are the behind-the-scenes puppet masters orchestrating the GOP attempt to take back the White House and the Senate.

Already, they’ve been on the air with swift boat-style SuperPAC ads attacking President Obama and Senate Democrats. The only way for us to fight back is to neutralize their money with grassroots contributions.


The Obama campaign and the DCCC is digging its own grave if it gets into a money war with the GOP. What they need to do is say that for every dollar the GOP spends on attack ads they will get one more vote at the grass roots. They should do videos of the new votes they have gotten. They should CALIBRATE on the ground gains with Super PAC attack expenses. Everyone knows the truth. They are looking to see how Democrats deal with it. So far so far the approach has been mediocre or wrong. Maybe Abba wants us to sink to the bottom before we get smart. If not, we owe it to us all to act with intelligence in this contest.

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Free Re-Elect Obama Resource - Simple Truth

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MO means method of operation
It was Bush 1 who allowed Lee Atwater to poison politics
It was Bush 2 who used the same tactics to submerge McCain
Now we have the seemingly comic figure of Romney
Who is he
He is the front man
The GOP all along has been in the plundering business
Plunder everything in sight
to serve the contributors
and hoodwink the people
Romney will be the perfect foil
Acting centrist while caving to
the things that make a real difference
like the composition of the Court
The little poster above says it all
Instead of running scared
we need to fight back with simple truth
 While Romney dithers
the GOP will plunder

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Mildred Purse Gives Romney a Victory Formula

First stop lying in public. Lie only behind closed doors.
Second when lying in public, do not make a fool of yourself. Like that 92 percent stat.
Third, when instructed to lie by a staff member, fire him.
This formula may not win the election but it wiil make you a better person.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

ALEC is the 1 percent's legislative depth charge

About ALEC Exposed | Center for Media and Democracy: "In April 2011, some of the biggest corporations in the U.S. met behind closed doors in Cincinnati about their wish lists for changing state laws.  This exchange was part of a series of corporate meetings nurtured and fueled by the Koch Industries family fortune and other corporate funding.

At an extravagant hotel gilded just before the Great Depression, corporate executives from the tobacco giant R.J. Reynolds, State Farm Insurance, and other corporations were joined by their "task force" co-chairs -- all Republican state legislators -- to approve "model" legislation. They jointly head task forces of what is called the "American Legislative Exchange Council" (ALEC)."

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ALEC has facilitated legislation offensive to women, to the right to vote and to the rights of unions. But secrecy means stealth in this case and the result is that with out protest corporations are withdrawing their support for ALEC.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Bloomberg's Vigilantism Remark Is Apposite

The National Memo » Ending Fecklessness On Guns: "“In reality,” Bloomberg said in a speech before the National Press Club last week, “the NRA’s leaders weren’t interested in public safety. They were interested in promoting a culture where people take the law into their own hands and face no consequences for it. Let’s call that by its real name: vigilantism.”"

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Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

The forward continuity chronology life person - WE becoming

I like the look of thistled, ruined walls.
I send regards to scholars, one and all.
What is a scholar but a spectator,
Who values only objectivity?
“But I shall go out and observe the field!
But who will there be to talk to out there?”
What is a thought if not thought by yourself?
I come before all in simplicity.
I cannot offer multiples of truth.
I say Abba’s at hand, within, around.
If you ask who, I say, Go ask Abba!

There is Peirce suggested a second person within
with whom we converse constantly
I see this as the forward continuity chronology life person
as WE becoming
To speak with Abba within is not to address this person
but to acknowledge the mystery which you by faith
accept as familiar and friendly 
as Jesus did
using the daddy word  Abba
The text above is from "Abba's Way"
in which Jesus is imagined to have returned
to speak his mind

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Paul Ryan's Potential Conflict of Interest Ignored on the Web

Paul Ryan’s Shrewd Budget Payday: Congressman Could Benefit from Tax Breaks He Proposes - The Daily Beast: "Ryan's father-in-law, Daniel Little, who runs the companies, told Newsweek and The Daily Beast that the family companies are currently leasing the land for mining and drilling to energy giants such as Chesapeake Energy, Devon, and XTO Energy, a recently acquired subsidiary of ExxonMobil.

Some of these firms would be eligible for portions of the $45 billion in energy tax breaks and subsidies over 10 years protected in the Wisconsin lawmaker’s proposed budget. “Those [energy developing companies] benefit a lot from these subsidies,” explained Russ Harding, an energy policy analyst with the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, when presented with the situation, without reference to Ryan. “Without those, they’re going to be less profitable.”

To ethics watchdogs, Ryan’s effort to extend the tax breaks creates the potential appearance of a conflict of interest."

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The Beast published this months ago but today if you do any search related to Ryan's potential financial interest in having his wealth-favoring budget passed, nada. 

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

There is a new kind of manufacturing coming

When we see the world must be remade
We will need smart surfaces
And safe enclosures
That have little to do with what we now build
We will need the matrix or housing
for the elements of networking that are macro
For the eco-structures of the new communities
No one can afford sustainability
Only WE can
Ten thousand living with a single matrix in which are nested
the elements of waste removal, water cycling, energy and so forth
This matrix made support modular spaces so smart that things like
Clunky furniture will be a memory
Asbestos filled and crumbly building materials will be gone
In other words Japan apply your smarts to the macro-sphere
and build away
What ever nation does this will lead the way
Beyond oil
Beyond the car
Beyond sprawl

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

The President is not too shabby on long shots

Obama Campaign Turns Attention on Arizona - NYTimes.com:

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What I like about this narrative is the fact that there is nothing but business on the Obama side of the equation. The GOP says try it you sludge. The Obama forces say hey it's a long shot. And go about the business of adding one here one there until there is a possible tipping point. How many Tea Party voters will stay home or cast protest votes so as not to give their endorsement to a hamstrung candidate they cannot trust? How many Latinos will go to the polls to affirm that they do not want another season of negative vibes from the GOP? The Obama forces are good people and they can explain exactly what is at stake. Romney = risk. Obama = reasonable progress. Yes We Could.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

There are too many truths, all theory fails

I was a scholar at the age of twelve.
Now see my dress, my life, my wandering way.
No more a sought-after iconoclast.
No scholarly profiles or praise for me.
I chose this path to learn the whole of life.
And yet no scholar will accept this claim.
I wander with the vacant-eyed and lost.
And sometimes I collect a spark of life.
I look for Abba’s flame in everyone.
No scholar will see this as fair travail.
I know the truth is too much to be known.
There are too many truths, all theory fails.

"Abba's Way" from which this text is drawn
imagines Jesus come to set us right
to free the original message from its creedal wraps
and establish the universality of a way
meant from the foundation to be non-proselytizing 
and inclusive

Mildred Purse Says Obama Should Appoint Romney Secretary of Defense

When our President wins he should make Romney Secretary of Defense. Team of rivals. Plus? He likes to fire people.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Generation Y Should Build New Cyber Communities

Why Generation Y is Causing the Great Migration of the 21st Century | PlaceShakers and NewsMakers: "The net result? Generation Y wants to be more connected and less isolated than previous generations. They manifest this desire in their full-on embrace of social media and their desire to live in places where they can be around others; i.e., the densest, most active, areas of cities."

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I recommend the site from which this salient text comes.

This is of course the vanguard of the recoil from sprawl. Densest is the key word in the squib above. Below where I now write, the street (Broadway) is filled with milling diversity. It would lose much of its pizzazz without a hefty generation Y component. The need for proper density is universal and philosophically apt. What is needed is to imagine that most live at a density if 5-19K to the square mile, on no more than four graded levels and that these hives of density be car free, walkable,. From that simple sentence the entire restructuring of the globe derives. Past oil and cars. Past cogito ergo to new forms of gemeinschaft.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

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