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Thorstein Veblen is happily to be found on the Web.

Thorstein Veblen is happily to be found on the Web. Thorstein Veblen was the most acerbic and salient economist of our history. That's an opinion. Once fashionable, Thorstein Veblen has stood the test of time and emerged a true prophet of consumer culture and its huge internal contradictions.
Here's a selection of sites that provide access to the thought this most stringent analyst of American (Western) culture and economics. Veblen's thought, like Nietzsche's, remains relevant to the present and future. It calls out for attention.
The Web is the future of words, of texts, of discourse. This page is a sample of the sorts of guideposts I find useful.
In general I have been subjective in my selection of Thorstein Veblem gems, delving deep into search results. I try not to feature sites that require downloads, or registration. I ignore sites that are too busy and seem hard to use.
I have not closed selections to critics of Thorstein Veblen. Please leave a comment if you …

Jesus Out-criticized Hitchens and Dawkins

Jesus  attacked religion  more effectively than  Hitchens or Dawkins Jesus skewered priestly power
and said Abba is here  on this side of the veil and that this can be proved out in simple human experience Millions do so every day Abba is universal Jesus unveiled values that when willed can build the realm of Abba on this planet Ignored discounted and misunderstood Jesus is the critic whose values propel history

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William Shakespeare sonnets that may be found and conveniently read online

If You Think Unions Are Declining Wait for the Rest of Society

The decline of union power is merely part of a move that will soon engulf our entire society The entire fabric of education is due for what can only be seen as a sea changeone that will shake universities to the root and most likely send them the way of newspapersWebward
 Imagine the computer as a Model T We are about ten years past the introduction of the model TWe are moving toward the end of the automobile era nowIts first herald other than a few seers in the 1960s was the emergence of the Web 
By the year 2000 the Web was showing every sign of growing into the next iteration of our working society.
The current gadget stage will eventually lead to changes that transform houses and schools and the current structure and salary scale of commuter businesses.
Everything now is in the process of adjusting to the obsolescence of the world that oil-sprawl-growth has created It is a world no longer affordableIt is a world in dire need of replacement..
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The short form is an alluring phrase that has, as yet, no real meaning

The short form is an alluring phrase that has, as yet, no real meaning except what one regards as short. Some say 2000 words, others three and there is, of course, Twitter's 140 characters limit.

Still, the Web is driving a move toward short form writing. Here is a selection of approaches to the short form that struck me as well-presented. At this point, such writing can be whatever you say.

Why Short Form Copy is Where the Money's at: "What are some well-paying, short-form copywriting projects you may wish to look into? Here are a few suggestions:"

Well worth a look if you have an interest in such writing.

Short Forms of Poetry - There are some easy-to-write short forms. Some of those follow....: "

Many will know of haiku but there are other options. Including what you make up yourself.

Writing Tall Tales in Short Form: "Flash fiction stories, also known as Immediate Fiction, can be difficult to write. Knowing a little bit about topics of persuasive writing can …

Jesus was the champion of human rights

Jesus was the champion of human rights  Equality the first shall be the last  Do unto others sacrifice hold fast  Love universally keep heaven in your sights

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Biblical hermeneutics is an impossible subject - 8 salient sites

Biblical hermeneutics is an impossible subject because it is dominated by fundamentalists on one side and a balkanized plethora of modernist and post-modern interpreters on the other.

Moreover, when we come to sites on biblical hermeneutics, we are lost in pdf files, curricula links and pages designed to sell this or that book. As you will see below, the best link I found was buried in the back of the Google results, meaning that what may be good for SEO is not very good for actually helping folk to find what's useful.

Fancy term

Hermeneutics is a fancy term for interpretation of texts. Biblical hermeneutics has been locked in the very culture war that we all know and love. The Chicago Statement noted below is an example of the comprehensive fundamentalist attack on anything that smacks at a denial of the divine inerrancy of the text of the Bible.

Into this wall bump many modernist and post-modern efforts to mess with the canon, if I may cadge a cavil from my bedside-mentor Harold Blo…

Spiritual journey websites are many but they are a mixed bag.

Spiritual journey websites are many but they are a mixed bag. Many are simply promotions for books or organizations. They do not have immediate relevant content on spiritual journeys.

Admittedly any personal effort to pick and choose is subjective. But I found the following, in over ten pages of Google results, to be at least of interest. They loaded fast and while I was there did not assault me with surprise ads and other no no's.

These are in no particular order They are all meant to be read online. I merely found them in a quagmire of results.

Start your spiritual journey

A Strange-But-True Spiritual Journey

TheTrueLight.Net - My Spiritual Journey

Spiritual Awakening Blog

Days of Deepening Friendship - An Online Spiritual Journey

J. Pittman McGehee: The Spiritual Journey from Biography To Autobiography - changing one's mind...

Spiritual Journey | Spiritual Enlightenment | Chopra Center

Spiritual Journey: "Ex-Pentecostal Recounts Spiritual Journey"My Kindle Store Books

Christian Thinkers Ponder Nietzsche

Visit Religion Online


A Christian Scholar's Dialogue with Muslims by Hans Kung

Second. in the process of secularization, modern Christianity has had negative as well as positive experiences which Islam in its unavoidable modernization quite possibly might also have lying before it. That is particularly true in regard to dealing with the modern critique of religion, as, for example, by Feuerbach, Marx, Nietzsche and Freud.


A Political Vision for the Organic Model by Robert W. Hoffert

Both politics and personality would be reinvested with a wholeness they have lost in countless ways: in Marx's economic determinism, in Nietzsche's nihilism, and in Dahl's socioeconomic statistics.


A Whiteheadian Chaosmos: Process Philosophy from a Deleuzean Perspective by Tim Clark

As it was with Nietzsche, so it is with the pagan Deleuze.


A Worried America by Gunnar Myrdal

We could, and did, indulge in the pessimism of a Schopenhauer or in the aggressive egocentricit…