GOP wants to stick with what is destroying us and our world

GOP wants to stick with what is destroying us and our world
Obama wants to evolve toward an uncertain future
This is the actuality
And if it remains so the election will be close
and we will risk a GOP victory

We could content ourselves with working 
with the reality noted above
Hammer Mitt with multiple reasons
Hope that Barack can prevail by his good intentions

Let me state the above more strongly
The choice is KochWorld versus creating a new sustainable society
KochWorld is where we all live
It is sprawl
It is cars
It is oil
It is pollution
It is tar sands
It is culture as we know it

President Obama must
say sustainable
He must articulate that his policy is
Beyond sprawl
and beyond 
everything else
in KochWorld 

If we end up regurgitating because
Romney won
we have one consolation
History is on our side
I hope the President gambles 
on the prescience of the American people

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Kevin's Place It Takes a Turbine

Kevin's Place: "Doing just a sampling the build out would take the next decade to build out if all gasoline and transportation fuels were exchanged for hydrogen.  A workforce just for the turbines and electrolyzers would be 7,500,000 workers and to handle replacement parts and maintenance as well the workforce over that same time period would add an additional 1,500,000 workers.

"To also replace the nuclear, natural gas, coal fired energy generation would add an additional 2,750,000 workers over the next decade of build out.  Many more jobs with grid build out and new connections would benefit as well.

"These estimations are also adding additional workforce for the establishment of localized energy storage of ammonia systems to support baseline and overage during peak power periods to avoid blackouts and brownouts.

"To also include all the workforce to convert the cars, trucks and other transportation over to hydrogen would involve additional millions of workers.  In the end the USA would be totally energy independent with power generated locally and monies from that generation and workforce spent within the US., greatly expanding our economy and preserving our way of life and for that of our children and our children's children."

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I have this image of turbines as a universal means of generating all the clean energy the world needs.  I am not a scientist but I know about scientific method and anything that would work deserves a chance to be proved out. Maybe some future First Lady will wrote a book called It Takes a Turbine.

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Barack Obama is a hoops guy. Barack Obama knows how to score points.

I'm grading his performance on suggestions I made in October 2010:

1. Introduce the idea of Sherlock Holmes in talking about the War on Terror. Get people ready for a coming move from reliance of military might. (A Three Pointer.) B+

2. Beat up on criminal bankers and their kith and kin. It is our money they are taking on the train to New Canaan, Greenwich and Stamford. (Slam dunk.) C-

3. Get specific about regulatory controls. Talk about leverage ratios. Say what's been done and what's needed. No general statements about Wall Street Reform. People don't believe it's happened yet. (Several lay ups needed.) B-

4. Propose contests. For example, a contest to design or create from existing areas 21st century neighborhoods of 5-10,000 persons. Reduced vehicular traffic, safety and security, connect everything with pedestrian ways, include many "squares" and plazas and small parks. Talk about safe places for kids to play. (Lay up.) D

5. Tax on all market transactions and scrub mandatory insurance purchases no one likes. (Three pointer.) F

6. Train up a class of driving professionals who can do minor emergency repairs and have basic paramedical skills. A new profession. Millions of jobs. (Lay up.) D+

7. Insert David Plouffe into the White House. Talk to him daily. Heed him. (Consistent scoring) A-

8. Get Bill Clinton to fund a careful study of the relationship between philanthropic endeavors and social progress. D

9. Institute simple global security measures such as a required super-secure credit card for all air travel. No cash ticket buys. A free pass for passengers who pose no threat. (Three pointer if done right.) D

10. Oil will go back to $100 a barrel. Again, a line of green initiatives that make sense in language people can understand. (No scores but needed.) B

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The Underlying Conflict of 2012

'Golden age of gas' threatens renewable energy, IEA warns - environmentalresearchweb: "A "golden age of gas" spurred by a tripling of shale gas from fracking and other sources of unconventional gas by 2035 will stop renewable energy in its tracks if governments don't take action, the International Energy Agency has warned.

Gas is now relatively abundant in some regions, thanks to the massive expansion of hydraulic fracturing – fracking – for shale gas, and in some areas the price of the fuel has fallen. The result is a threat to renewable energy, which is by comparison more expensive, in part because the greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels are still not taken into account in the price of energy."

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This is what Romney and the Kochs are willing to spend and die for, make no mistake about it.

Progressives need to come out full square on the push-back side. Beyond green. Beyond pattern language. Toward a sustainable and reasonable future.

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Sarah Palin has rejected Jesus as a role model for Americans

Sarah Palin has rejected Jesus as a role model for Americans and is apparently leaving her church. She is preparing a series of tweets to explain.

"It's true," she told reporters outside her home in Wasilla, AK. "Jesus is is a one-world socialist opposed real American religion. He's weak on defense, permissive on crime and not one of us. He'd destroy national security with his be-platitudes. He's worse than President Obama.  Jesus would probably oppose Israel. I can't accept that."

When a reporter suggested Palin's political career could be ruined, she answered, "Oh really?"

Home Wrecker

"Look," she explained. "I'm a maverick, but I'm not a home wrecker. Jesus' family values were in the cellar. He dissed his mom and his sibs. He accused his dad of desertion."

Palin has not entirely rejected her former beliefs. "I actually believe when people die, a handful will be saved and return here to Alaska. I am not sure Jesus will be among them."

Palin says she now sees Jesus as a utopian socialist.  "He's a ucialist!" she replied. "Yep, he believes in ucialism."

Todd Palin commented, "Sarah's one tough lady. She's never been afraid to let chips fall where they may."

"Maybe it's time for a gal messiah," Palin said.

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The Stupidity of Violence April 22, 2018

The Slow as Molasses Press