Occupy Congress John Boehner intends recess for a week

John Boehner intends recess for a week
Which means he won't be savaging DC
He'll be on some exclusive course 
With his rich keepers in the gorse

Every time John says where the jobs
We answer yes where are they John
Knowing full well which side he's on
And praying John will soon be gone

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Occupy Congress Why this is the exact right time for nonviolence to work

Nonviolence Occupy Congress works when a clearly illegal status quo is morally reprehensible
Nonviolence Occupy Congress works when the aggrieved act as themselves and not as the led
Nonviolence Occupy Congress triggers media attention to injustice
Nonviolence Occupy Congress is a teaching moment
Nonviolence Occupy Congress is willing to suffer for values that are universal and good
Nonviolence Occupy Congress understands the world is not merely I but we
Nonviolence Occupy Congress believes in filling the glass more than half full
Nonviolence Occupy Congress works because it defeats evasive procedures

The billionaire + Supreme Court onslaught on us is too powerful to be met by reason alone
Nonviolence is a blend of reason and emotion whose reward is in grasping justice
This is the right time the optimal time for effective nonviolent action

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Occupy Congress An Open Letter @TheRevAl Al Sharpton

Dear Al
I am urging everyone who reads this
to ask you please to help lead
an effort that I want to be as huge
as the March on Washington
Whose leaders are each person who
wants Congress to do its work
and bring the Obama jobs bills to a vote
Will you mention this on your show
Will you propose this as your idea because it
belongs to you and everyone who holds it
Will you be a catalyst
It is crystal clear that we the the people
need to prove ourselves
able to transcend the gridlock in DC
So from an old Civil Rights vet to the one
who stands up for Trayvon
for Marissa
for justice and a fair shake everywhere
please add this to your busy schedule
Get everyone to the Capitol
to Occupy Congress until the Obama jobs bills
are given a chance to be voted on

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Occupy Congress - Occupy is everyone who comes and cares

When I went to Zucotti Park I was Occupy when I was there
and when I came home
Occupy is everyone who comes and cares
and everyone who cares and does not come
When I say Occupy Congress I am evoking a sign 
of caring people who insist on our rights
The Occupy Congress sign has an object
Boehner recalcitrant blunt refusing
The third in this triad is we the people insisting
with such force that the recalcitrance ends

Let everyone who cares go to the Capitol
Wear white
Wear something that says truce
The war can be over
Besmirch this and know that we will return again 
and again 
until we overcome

When I sit down here and type these words I am
one with all who Occupy everywhere
there can be no Occupy without people
on the scene

It is time to Occupy Congress
All those who can should go
Make this our Tahrir

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Images of Occupy Congress

People standing and sitting largely silent 
wearing white t shirts
In the Capitol 
On the steps
In offices of Congress persons
Some around the Supreme Court
Telling media we want Obama jobs bills considered
We want Boehner to bring them to the floor

Arrests of those who peacefully Occupy
More and more arriving
Their conduct peaceful resolute muted
Their presence their simple presence a sign

Spontaneous actions that lead to confrontation

A break in media silence

No question why we are here
No question what we want
No question that we want Congress to 
do what it is supposed to do

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Occupy Congress Now Broadside One

Occupy Congress Now

What do we want? 

A sustainable economy that gives all an equal chance at happiness

Why Occupy Congress?

 We want @speakerboehner to bring the Obama jobs bills to a vote

How do you intend to change the Speaker's mind?

By showing him that we are the boss 
We represent we the people

Who is your leader?

Everyone living or dead who has given their 
life to affirm the rights of all
and oppose the evils
of their day

Your Name

The Slow as Molasses Press