A war in which few women have a say And mindless GOP males crave control

There is a war on women underway
That's tearing at the nation's very soul
A war in which few women have a say
And mindless GOP males crave control 

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Fewer to no cars. Free energy sources. Brain power to create human energy generation.

Why climate change doesn’t spark moral outrage, and how it could | Grist: "6. Long time horizons and far away places: Victims of climate change are viewed as far away in space or time. “The consequence of this spatial and temporal distance is that victims of climate change are likely to be seen, at best, as relatively less similar to oneself than are nearby contemporaries, and at worst, as out-group members.” Climate victims are seen as Other, and you know how we tend to treat the Other."

Most of us operate on two levels
what we say or tell ourselves
and what we do
To the extent that we are able to integrate these
we create in what we do
a change
Doing things that make for a decent response to
climate change is Herculean
I cannot wave a wand and switch to 
the way of living I see and know in my mind
I hardly know where to begin
I do know that I knew the problem and the 
solution before there was any talk of climate change
So did many people intuitively
All one has to do is know the tawdry progress
of oil crimes to know where the locus of evil in things rests
We are in the middle of a campaign now that is being driven by 
oil criminality in the form of the Kochs
We are all complicit
My answer remains what it always has been
Fewer to no cars
Free energy sources
Brain power to create human energy generation
integrated with our living
Everything within a walk
Values of democracy tolerance
helpfulness and non idolatry
Seems simple enough

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There is no moral hostility to climate change

Why climate change doesn’t spark moral outrage, and how it could | Grist: "5. Moral tribalism: Messaging about climate has tended to focus on liberal values (harms and unfairness) and disregard conservative values (loyalty, respect for authority, and purity/sanctity). As a result, many conservatives “have been left not just uninvolved in action on climate change, but morally hostile to it.”"

The text above betrays the two thousand year captivity to error
The error is to see characteristics as values
Values are things you do willfully
Tolerance democracy helpfulness are all active values that are universal
When they are not willed history moves along but is less pleasant than it might be
Fairness is subsumed under democracy
Harms under helpfulness and democracy
Loyalty under non-idolatry 
Respect for authority under non-idolatry
Moral hostility to climate change is like saying
one takes umbrage because the sun is shining
There is no moral hostility to climate change
There is only awareness that it is happening 
and in the case of most people ignoring it

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Pleasure is a gulp of pure fresh air and a glass of cool clean water

Why climate change doesn’t spark moral outrage, and how it could | Grist: "4. Uncertainty breeds wishful thinking: It’s not clear exactly how climate change will play out, and “uncertainty about future outcomes generally increases self-oriented behaviour and … promotes optimistic biases.” When scientists communicate the probabilistic nature of climate impacts (for instance, through analogies like “loading the climate dice”), “recent research shows that individuals often misinterpret the intended messages … and tend to do so over-optimistically.”"

Here we meet a fork in the road
Nietzsche knew that most people cared only for comfort
And the old pleasure pain is still a good measure of what will work
and what will not
But by the same token perceived pleasure
may lead to an overabundance of pain
I think that there are ontological values 
that have been here all along
Tolerance helpfulness democracy non-idolatry
These all contain the spectrum nature of reality
We would not tolerate unless we had to
The same for help and governing ourselves 
Non-idolatry is the key because it affirms scientific method
and continuity and openness and freedom
We might thus say that there is nothing wrong with
pleasure pain and that we should always produce the most pleasure
It's just a matter of what actually does that
Nothing wrong with pleasure pain 
as long as we are aware of what actually brings pleasure
For me pleasure is a gulp of pure fresh air
and a glass of cool clean water

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When we don't perceive it is not because we can't but because we won't

Why climate change doesn’t spark moral outrage, and how it could | Grist: "3. Guilty bias: We’re all somewhat to blame for climate change. To avoid feeling guilt, shame, and regret over that, “individuals often engage in biased cognitive processes to minimize perceptions of their own complicity,” especially when “individuals and communities feel incapable of meaningfully responding behaviourally.”"

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We are perfectly aware of our complicity in everything
The fact is sin is neither original nor unusual
Social climbing is the main means of trying to ignore it
Those who have given up on social climbing are better
able to perceive the truth
Democracy is a social admission of complicity
We are not merely complicit
We are a spectrum from things we cannot stand to
things that bring smiles to angels
We are mercurial smart insightful intuitive
The reality is painful
When we don't perceive it is not because we can't
but because we won't

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No politician dares to run on the slogan car free

Why climate change doesn’t spark moral outrage, and how it could | Grist: "2. The blamelessness of unintentional action: Nobody is heating the atmosphere on purpose. It is seen as an unintended side effect of other activities. And people treat intentional harms much more severely than they do unintentional harms. So “understanding climate change as an unintentional phenomenon with no single villain may decrease motivation to right past wrongs.”"

We are happy to be informed of side effects
We are inundated with expositions of the perils of consuming pharmaceuticals
The side effect of cars and driving is death and injury
Wasted time and aggravation
Having to watch lugubrious and chauvinistic car ads
We are not happy if the side effect balances light on 
the pleasure pain scales
When the alternative to driving would  be anathema 
So the only solution would be an alteration that would
make anathema disappear
That alteration is car free communities 
that have all amenities of life a walk away
In that sentence lies economic recovery
Toynbee response to challenge
And a true new frontier
But no politician will dare run on car free

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Climate Change Denial Smart Because The Implications Are So Disturbing

1. Abstractness and cognitive complexity: Climate change is tough to understand. It “requires cold, cognitively demanding and ultimately relatively less motivating, moral reasoning.” People underestimate this. Very little that arrives in our worldview through a purely intellectual route ends up stirring the viscera."

Climate change is fully understood by most
The dumb rejection is actually resistance to change
The changes are so huge that the dumb response is reasonable
No one wants to face it except folk like me who are weird 
and who have said for five decades and more
that we cannot deal with what we have done to the planet
without getting rid of the causal agents
Show a climate change denier a better world
through the creation of one

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War on women, Obama trusted, GOP conspiracy & Other Recent Tweets 8/23/12 8:06 AM

No prime time in Tampa for Ann Romney  /more GOP war on women?
Exposed: GOP 1/20/09 Block-Obama Conspiracy. Ryan was there!
Three deaths in progress haunt the right wing - proselytizing religion, fossil fuels and society itself as we have known it.
Elizabeth Warren is right. Scott Brown will vote for the radical Republican agenda. We need her to help lead a Dem Senate majority.
Vision for the future: increasingly car-free, integral living with work, residence, education, etc. in walkiing distance. Beyond Green
RT from this am. GOP too divided to govern too right wing to risk (possible campaign slogan)
Story of the 1/20/12 GOP anti-Obama conspiracy finally spreading. Ryan was at the center of it.
 Please do not become the George Wallace of 2012. Reinstate early and fair voting in Ohio. The problem is NOT fixed.
Tell Secretary of State Jon Husted to reinstate fair early voting rules!
Romney has been consistent on abortion. He will repeal Rowe v Wade.
Climate change denial is present in all who build dreams on oil and cars and sprawl.
Pennsylvania's voter obstruction is venal and tragic and an army is forming there to teach the GOP a lesson called democracy.
If you think fracking is bad (it also sucks) google "diluted bitumen" to envision Romneyworld when fracking comes to a lot next to you
Julian Assange should be given free passage to Equador and the US should remove its formidable paws from suppression of whistleblowers.
Passing Obama jobs program and massively aiding struggling homeowners would also aid the economy.
Passing Obama tax proposal now would avert a depression for which the GOP would be responsible.
RT : Romney's Twitter followers were not coming in organically.  This story has the goods on Romney Faker
Run against Koch and Adelson and Rove and Singer. Tie these donors to evils just as onerous as Bain evils 
"Muslim activists blame right-wing political rhetoric for creating a climate of hate.",  /end the silence

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The American Dream Revised 1

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