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Charlie Knuckle

Charlie Knuckle was not his real name. He could have been easily traced if he had ever appeared. It was the most elaborate scheme ever perpetrated in the MLB. It made doping look like a tiny footnote. Here's how it went down. The year was 2053. The Yankees had gone through a huge crash, one of those cyclical meltdowns where aging incompetents and hapless newcomers could not go the distance. No playoffs. Disconsolate fans. In walks Charlie Knuckle. When the season ended, the very next day, the entire Yankees front office was replaced. Within a week, all the deadwood was on the way out. And the following spring, the team consisted of the most unlikely assortment of players ever assembled. Charlie Knuckle controlled it all from his Manhattan hotel apartment. The new team was made up of retired veteran gold glove winners plus three renowned, but somewhat used up, sluggers. The center of the operation was fifteen pitchers and five catchers. The pitchers were all versed in the knuckle b…

Cybercommunities - Understandings

A cybercommunity is integral - it integrates residence, work, service, commerce and recreation.
2. A cybercommunity is tolerant - it is open to all who accept and practice tolerance.
A cybercommunity is democratic - its members practice constitutional democratic governance and affirm the universal value of democracy.
A cybercommunity is helpful - it upholds the value of help as reciprocal and encourages mutual assistance.
A cybercommunity is non-idolatrous - it values scientific method, freedom of thought and an iconoclastic but civil temperament.  
A cybercommunity is public. Its material structures are not owned by occupants but by the community.
7. Occupancy of spaces that are "private" is by subscription.  So is membership in the community. So are many of its services and commercial ventures.
Cybercommunities may be privately or publicly owned. Members may invest in their community. Cooperative banks will function within cybercommunities.   
Cybercommunites prov…

One day fossil fuels will run out

"One day fossil fuels will run out .... the only imponderable is, when it will happen. " #estoleads

"Oil, coal and gas at 2006 rates, ... will last a further 40, 200 and 70 years, respectively." #estoleads

Our future energy will come from sun and wind.

We face 100 years of unprecedented dislocations due to weather and the collapse of the oil economy.

As in the past, small local communities will mark the genesis of new forms of society and economy.

Cybercommunities are an effort to imagine a future that can survive the collapse of the oil economy.

Cybercommunities are car-free.

Cybecommunities have a population of up to 10,000.

Cybercommunities are no more than four levels and no more than a mile across.

Cybercommunities can evolve from present neighborhoods.

Cybercommunities can be built from scratch.

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Our Future Energy Will Alter Everything

1. Sun and wind, the rivers and oceans will be the sources of future energy. 2. Solar power is in its infancy but one thing seems clear. The more concentrated collection can be, the more energy. The present notion of grafting solar to existing structures is at best a stopgap. See 3. Wind power is even more undeveloped. But it's allure has attracted enough competing modes of execution that it is probable that it will equal sun as a future energy source. See The Future of Wind Power 4.  Rivers and oceans offer a varied menu of options, but it is logical to guess that they would compose at least one third of the total needed - with wind and sun - to meet all energy needs in the future. 5. Cybercommunities aim at complete energy sufficiency based on the evolving technologies and their applicability in various locales. Sun will revolutionize Africa's energy future. And so forth. A transition to these forms of ene…