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A little button from my shop to help raise some Kiva money

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OK we allhave a business sideMine is my press aboveand my shop belowDo they make a mintHardlyShould theyDamn rightBut It has not been at the top of my listExcept that more and moreI think that the idea of using my shopto loft money to Paypalfrom whence it can go to Kivafor no interest loansto folk worldwidewell that isa Good Ideain every way

The button below makes a nice smallgift and they can be bought in ten and 100 packsThe art work as on allmy products is originalcomposed using basic freeutilities.All items sold at Art Thingshave one otherthing in commonProfits go to supportno interest loans through Kiva
AWHENCE 3.5" Button (10 pack) WHEREVER Art Things.

One of the zingers from Triadic Tales

The Slow as Molasses Press
This is a revised version of one of the tales in Triadic Tales, available at the Kindle Store
The following conversation took place between Archibald Fleetwood and a person we must assume to be the deity. Or at least Archibald assumed so, Archibald was in the habit of having long conversations with him. He maintained to anyone who asked that he (the deity) was within him (Archibald) and that such conversations were not much different than talking to oneself. The reason he was adamant about the deity was that their conversation involved powers ordinarily associated with the deity. I mean the protagonist of various holy books, including that perennial best-seller, the Bible. I offer here, with no further comment, Archibald's remembrance of the exchange. D stands for Deity, A for Archibald.
I was playing slots today on my computer and I spontaneously asked you for a little help. And then I wondered, do you do that sort of thing?

Triadic Philosophy advocates conspicuous restraint

The Slow as Molasses Press

The books on triadic philosophyat the link aboveare all related tothe theme of the text belowwhich is how to put an endto violenceand thus to most harmPlease visit andfreely sample  All of ushave raised our handat some pointand most of ushave allowed a blowto be struckThere is onlyone wayTriadic Philosophycan help usWhen we areseeking toretaliatein order topunishsomebodyfor wrong doneour voices should besayingNo No No Nobut our armsshould be embracingthe perpetratorin a confessionof one's helplessnessto stop the actionBecause the action will continuein some formAnd it can onlybe broken by an actof conspicuous restraintwhich saysIt Stops Here

Aesthetics does not deserve to be seen primarily as the province of the art world

The Slow as Molasses Press
On the Peirce Listthere is an opportunityto discuss withpersons who know far morethan Ithe ins and outs ofa philosophyHere is a response tothe contention thatthe main triad oftriadic philosophyisReality Ethics AestheticsIf you are interestedthere is much more on thisat the link above.

Triadic Philosophy is rooted in three interdependent terms. Without the three in the order they have there is no substance to it. The three terms Reality Ethics and Aesthetics signify the Sign, the Index and the Active element which is the Aesthetic. The entire triad and indeed the entire "philosophy" is an explicit method of generating actual conduct by individuals. It may have other implications but this has from the start been the reason for presenting the triad exactly as it is and as a fixed means of engaging in conscious thought that can lead to conscious expressions or actions. 
Aesthetics does not deserve 
to be seen primarily 
as the province of the art world (Da…

On Reality, Universality Hamlet and Philosophical Terminology

The Slow as Molasses Press
This is a reply somewhat editedon a thread on the Peirce ListIt is in the general streamof thought about triadic philosophyYou can find much thatfills in the blanksin the textsI have parked at the link above

(From Digital Art, Series One, also available at the Press noted above) I will continue to puzzle about whether or not there are "reals" and "unreals", not in hope or pretense of changing the terms that have currency in philosophical discussion, but because, given the slipperiness or words and their (assumed) clear subsequence to signs (images? appearances?) I would contend there is a good argument for claiming that reality is all known and unknown and all that we see as appearance is also reality. Hamlet is a case in point, being the very meaning of the tragedy of the binary. (Too late he understands that.) The actions that emerge from Hamlet are the product of his encounter with appearances. No one will say that the ghost is, as Peir…

There are only three fundamental kinds of relations

The Slow as Molasses Press

From Triadic Philosophyone of the 100 aphorisms that make upthe initial textPlease visit the press noted aboveto sample freeall Triadic Philosophytexts

This remarkable text is drawn from Joseph Brent,  Charles Sanders Peirce: A Life, Bloomington and Indianapolis 1993, Page 331. "There are only three fundamental kinds of relations: monadic, dyadic and triadic; ... by combining triads, all relations greater than the number  three can be generated; and ... all those of a greater number than three can be reduced to triads. Since, in addition, triads cannot be reduced to dyads, nor dyads to monads, monads, dyads and triads constitute the fundamental categories of relations. At the same time, triads are made up of dyads and monads, and dyads of monads. Hence, in logical order, monads are first, dyads second, and triads third, which gives a second group of relations: first, second, and third. Hypostatic abstraction provides a third group of relations: firstn…

Everyone is an artist. Life is performance.

The Slow as Molasses Press
The following is an aphorism from Triadic Philosophyavailable at the Press above
Slowly but surely this willprove the thoughtthat carries this centuryto a slight butcrucialevolutiontoward nonviolenceand away from thehoary binary past


The common use of aesthetics to describe art is too narrow. Everyone is an artist. Life is performance. All acts have aesthetic properties from ugly to sublime. Like everything else, aesthetics is a spectrum. Triadic philosophy is a means of becoming conscious not only of where good lies but how goodness manifests itself. This approach solves problems Mao could not overcome by force. Aesthetics harnesses nonviolence. It moves the world toward the beauties of true community. It evolves morality beyond the worst instances of harm and violence. It is not utopian. It is moral evolution. One by one. It accepts the pace of continuity.

Time moves but am I moving with it

The Slow as Molasses Press
Time moves but am I moving with it I don't know should I I don't know I'm waiting for a sign I think and when that is the case it's best to do what comes to mind and leave  the rest  to grace

This blog, Twitter and all other elements aim at one thing advancing a point of view that embraces iconoclasm and  champions tolerance helpfulness and democracy
The thinking behind this is on my YouTube site and in inexpensive texts parked at the press whose link begins this page
I've given you the conclusion everything else is how I arrived at it