Alinsky Tactics are the staple of any movement right left or center

» The 13 Alinsky Tactics ~ Barack Cites Alinsky…:

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These could be Newt's tactics. They are hardly a description of an attitude toward the United States. If they are, then we would need to see how the American revolution mirrored them and how any struggle does. If Saul Alinsky was alive I suspect he would make the same point, in addition to suggesting that President Obama has a long way to go to helping the neighborhoods where he cut his teeth in Chicago.

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I am an ambivalent Netflix customer

I am an ambivalent Netflix customer
Almost invariably if I search for a movie I want to watch online
It is not available for instant viewing
Take Gary Oldman
But four of his many movies are available for online viewing
I am only a customer because of online viewing
I would have to be paid to go back to keeping track of CDs
There will soon be no Post Office that is actually reachable
I am giving Netflix about a year to declare all of the DVDs they have
Available for instant online viewing
That is the wave of my future at least

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The Highly Shaky Newt Saul Alinsky Meme

Much of the time I run on gut and logic
Logic as Peirce understood it is the biggest and least used gift of the Holy One
Newt is arguing that Obama is a Saul Alinsky radical
One of the few areas where I do have expertise is the subject of Saul Alinsky
As a Chicago journalist in the 1960s I researched and wrote the most searching examination of Alinsky that appeared in that decade
It appeared as "Saul Alinsky and His Critics" in Christianity and Crisis
the magazine founded by Reinhold Niebuhr
It was widely anthologized
Only two other persons at the time did comparable analyses
They were Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton
Both concluded as I did that Alinsky was a capable organizer at local levels
But that the country could not be changed merely by community organization
It required a national democratic effort
of the type that both these worthies undertook
Newt is off base and the most salient argument against his attempt to brand Obama as a "Saul Alinsky Radical" is to ask who Alinsky's most loyal supporters were
One of them was Marshall Field who funded Industrial Areas Foundation
The other was the Archdiocese of Chicago which was Alinsky's most staunch ally
in the city where he did his most publicized organizing work
in Woodlawn and in Back of the Yards
In Woodlawn his opponent was the University of Chicago
In the light of history one would have to call that fight a stand-off
Alinsky would have understood why 
The University was and is more powerful than TWO
And power tells
Newt and Alinsky are more close than Obama was to Alinsky
Newt will not get far if we successfully demythologize his mischaracterization of Saul Alinsky and Barack Obama
His history is lacking


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How Will Newt Do On Meet The Press

How will Newt do on Meet The Press
The pundits say he'll fall big time
But I believe he'll prove them wrong
As he has done time after time


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I cannot tell the color pink

ShortFormContent at Blogger: A short treatise on the color pink:

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I cannot tell the color pink
Say red say green my spirits sink
Still you may not see what I see
What's in a name don't you agree

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The crowd is blind to beauty in the old

Abba's Way:

The crowd is blind to beauty in the old
And lusts but for the woman as a child.
Illusion and false stars and emptiness.
A fount of faces long, with deadened eyes.

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Why did no one mention this salient fact?

Gingrich Wins South Carolina Primary - NYTimes.com: "Exit polls showed two key factors in Mr. Romney’s loss: religion and viability. Pluralities of voters who said their priorities were Mr. Obama’s defeat in the fall or a nominee who shares their religious beliefs supported Mr. Gingrich, a Roman Catholic, over Mr. Romney, a Mormon. Over all, two-thirds of voters on Saturday considered themselves “conservative,” and 4 in 10 called themselves “very conservative,” larger percentages than did so in the New Hampshire primary."

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Buried toward the end of the NYT account.

If this is the case, Romney is incapable of competing in the bulk of red states in the General.

Gingrich Wins, Mitt Chose The Wrong Party

Gingrich Wins South Carolina Primary - NYTimes.com: "With late-night tallies showing Mr. Gingrich beating Mr. Romney by 12 percentage points, it was no small win. Exit polls showed Mr. Gingrich had done it with a formidable coalition of groups that have resisted Mr. Romney’s candidacy all election season long: evangelical Christians, Tea Party supporters and those who call themselves “very conservative.”"

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So now what. Lots of surprises from Newt. Since he has the formidable task of reversing a daunting popularity deficit and achieving first in the GOP candidate who can beat Obama race. It should be doable despite media doubts based on the fact that it has never been done before. The effect that the contest was not close will account for a double-down in Florida for Mitt. The Monday debate will yield the blunt truth. I suspect that Newt will simply reiterate his Massachusetts moderate meme and play aggressive defense, hoping for a KO. Romney might have done better as a penitent Democrat - his next book?

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