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Occupy Congress Until Obama Jobs Bills Are Brought to A Vote

At some point we will wake upAt some point we will see that direct action is essentialAt some point we will Occupy Congressand for relaxationconduct a vigil outside the Supreme CourtThat is my hopeThat is my beliefNancy cannot do it on her ownJohn Boehner is not being moved yetWhat will have to happen to break the jamHere is what I believeBoehner remains the keyHe cannot now be trusted to do what he saysshould he say he will compromiseWe need to Occupy Congress with the following demandPlace the Obama jobs bills on the floor for an up or down voteIf the Republican majority stands with the Tea Partyso be itBut if the whole house passes these measures we will havebroken the jamSo the demand isBring the bills to the floorAnd if Occupy is listeningIf people ready to act are hearing then actGo to the Congress and sayObama jobs bills to the floor for a votebefore July 4

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I put on my Polonius hat for the President

I always thought Polonius got a bad rap in addition to a fatal stab from Hamlet He is the author of some timeless if shaky advice like to thine own self be true But I sometimes think of myself as a Polonius-sort a mixed bag as it were rather too verbose to be taken seriously In any case I penned the following in November 2010 You can judge if it was salient I have rescued it from my Yahoo Voices account which is currently on its last legs
We are now in a very delicate situation, Mr. President. The GOP continues to condone a near-criminal assault on you. The GOP has not repudiated racism. The GOP Court has made elections a sale item. And the country does not seem to care. Self-interest reigns. The government remains subject to criminal GOP attacks.
So what do you have to do to survive?
The first thing Sir is to smile. That is how John Wayne would deal with a similar indignity.  But we would know that behind that smile is some raw power. Smile and exercise raw power Sir. This is why y…

Cyber-community 101 - Lesson Four Turbines are the future

Cyber-community 101 - Lesson Three | ShortFormContent at Blogger
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You can access prior lessons at the link above.
Cyber-communities are imagined settlements of the future These nested lessons spell out the elements
Cyber-communities are dense enough  to enable viable economies Cyber-communities are walkable and sustainable Cyber-communities possess all elements of city living Cyber-communities integrate residence work  recreation health and education
Turbines seem to me the most likely candidates for  generating the energy needed to make these communities  independent and sustainable Turbines can be powered with both solar and wind  Turbines can be so pervasive and attractive  they make wind farms look like what they are a bad and ugly investment
We need to build proper cyber-communities from scratch
Imagine a giant Stonehenge-like matrix whose vertical stones each house 40 turbines Simple! Energy is distributed to all who live and work in the community Surplus …

The Seven Giants of Creeping Totalitarianism

I see today's world as a series of events that have or might occurthat signal hope or doomHere are seven of the doom events or signsThere have been many more
1. The Supreme Court installation of George W. Bush2. The decision to treat 9/11 as a patriotic oil ground war and use of lies to justify Iraq3. The hallowing of torture4. The McConnell Anti-Obama Ploy rejecting compromise and poisoning politics5. Citizens United6. The emergence of the Tea Party and the 2012 GOP Primaries 7. The Walker recall fails

Each of the above countered only by the hope placed in the ultimate disposition of the American people and their will to vote for President Obamaand in the ability of President Obama and Democratsto confront these giants and help fashion a counter-movement that moves beyond oil toward a post-consumer societybased on community rather than selfishness
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I humbly thank John Boehner / For all the good he does

Re-introduced July 7, 2012

 I hope all who enjoy these will join me in beseeching @speakerboehner to pass Obama jobs acts still pending before the house. The examples of rhetoric below were previously published on Yahoo Voices which deemed my writing and graphics at odds with standards set forth in their Terms of Service. 
I humbly thank John Boehner  For all the good he does  When he's out on the grassy links  I feel a happy buzz
Ship drifting languid  Filled with wealthy passengers  Toward the waterfall

Beware the gavel of the ghoul  Lest it become your guillotine  You have been played for a rank fool  Run swiftly from this ghastly scene
Like Cyclops Speaker Boehner comes  And fixes you with his one eye  Inside the giant laughs aloud  Outside he seems to cry 

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