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Program Note - Come Back Please

Program Note - Come Back Please
Most communications efforts as ambitious as this Have a staff Here there's just meThe result is that I edit pieces once they are upThat includes proofingThat means the readers who click immediately after I post to all the networksEnd up encountering what they must regard as carelessOr stupid stuffWell my advice is thisCome back and see if it has not been correctedSeriouslyI think the experimental purpose of this blog is to Encourage coming back and exploring
Anything you type into the search box to your rightWill reveal all manner of short and hopefully pithy piecesEverything is relatedSo I repeatIf you saw this and clicked immediately you gotThe results of this being a one person operationWhile here explore the rest of the blog and related blogsAnd come backAlways
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Cooking With Leftovers around Herald Square

ShortFormContent at Blogger: Cooking with Takeout Around Herald Square:

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Sometimes we just have a picnic In our lexicon that means getting stuff from a little place Near 33rd on Seventh that sells Gyros, Chicken and Pizzas I never finish the gyro Today I had a wonderful lunch with the modest leftovers Some pieces of lamb and sauce and onions tomato and lettuce I wrap this bit of stuff in the heavy foil That comes with my Indian food from Minar (All bolded references are linked from the piece at the url above). I take out some glorious Onion Kulcha from Minar I open the left overs and dump them on the nan I lay the whole thing back on the aluminum And set it in my cast iron frying pan I pour a bit of my special sauce over it Add some lumps of cheese Turn the heat to medium Check when I smell something good If the cheese has melted turn stove off Let it sit there for a while Put the result in your dish and enjoy This actually turned out great Heating the veggie…

Even as a Child Holidays Were Solitary

Some Christmas ThoughtsI've never associated being alone with the negative aspects of solitudeI never view friends as gone if they are absentOr even if they are old and not activeWhen I see people we take up where we wereOr with what's now as if no time had passedToday on the communal treadmill in my buildingI watched religionists on TVJoel Osteen was being smoothly sensibleCreflo Dollar was being a DJ for no reason I could fathomI don't believe in Christmas I guessAt least in hip hop versions of Jingle BellsIf Jesus is anything he is an ignorer of holidaysHe will throw over any occasion to do what strikes him as importantOften what is important to him is solitudeWhat we have in our Bible is a puzzleThe disaster of religion is fundamentalismThe disaster of religion is rationalizationThe disaster of religion is assuming we know things we cannot knowI know Jesus because I knew people who worked in his nameThey tended to be like Jesus in most thingsIconoclasticTolerantHelpful…

When I say no one I do not mean my readers!

I said no one gets my thoughts about the futureBut you do if you read here regularlyI daresay it's a unique view thoughHowever easy it is to articulate and to understandEveryone likes the idea of car-freeBut no consortium has put together the obvious The design of a car-free community that really does the jobThat would be a community of 5-10K not only living but workingAnd being entertained and given health care and educationIn the same mile-wide (walkable, stair free) spaceIn other words creating a high tech version of a medieval citySo that all the amenities now individually available on your gadgetBecome a communal basis for shared experiences I envision kiosks and squares (sitting areas)In these cyber-communitiesThese kiosks would each focus on something interesting and needed Like preventive healthOr travelOr shoppingOr HerodotusOr how to readAnd each would have an expertThis is the employment of the futureWell I have gotten started againBut my point is that it is the establi…

Will Occupy Be Around Come Spring?

Occupy movement in one word: 'corporatocracy' | The Star Press | "The Occupy movement has created a vehicle for the disenfranchised to not just voice their concerns, but to force all of us to look at these problems arising from this relationship, and begin a national discussion about it and how to address it. From this movement we may find a method to affect the meaningful change this nation needs; after all, it's the squeaky wheel that gets the grease.

The Occupy movement looks different than what many people expect out of modern movements. It's horizontally organized, giving all participants a voice. Its consensus building general assemblies provide a way for all participants to decide the best course of action."

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Better believe it. The key word will remain fairness. The specifics will be

getting money out of politics,
leveling the economy to combat poverty and the evisceration of the middle class and

reversing the di…

Can Two Weeks Turn New Hampshire into A Game Changer?

Romney leads, Paul rises in N.H. poll - The Boston Globe: "Romney has the support of 39 percent of the state’s likely Republican voters, a drop of 3 percentage points since last month but a strong indication he is weathering Gingrich’s national comeback in a state vital to his campaign.

In the closely watched contest for second place, Gingrich and Paul are tied with 17 percent each, just ahead of Jon Huntsman, who has the support of 11 percent of likely Republican voters."

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Let me go out on a limb. I have already predicted that no more than four points will be the margin in Iowa and that Romney will not win there. In New Hampshire I will give Romney a mere seven points which would be a small enough margin to leave the race wide open. I have read up on Romney and am not as ill-disposed as I have been hitherto - my inclination being to fault his present actions which are not admirable and to surmise that his influence on American business which has been c…

What nobody gets about the future

For what it's worth here is what I would sayNo one is getting about the futureThat the day of driving our lives away will endThat the day of building detached houses will endThat the race to save these things will impede the futureThat the future will be either necessity or choiceWe could freely decide to move to car free communities and a high tech alternativeTo today's sclerotic and impossible transportationOr we could be forced into ultimately conceding the conclusions aboveChoice is vastly better than necessityWe could create multi-zoned car-free cyber-communitiesWith modular spaces build within an eco-sufficient matrixWith reformed education because the neighborhood becomes a schoolBy accepting their ultimate necessityAnd modeling new forms of social beingWhere we could walk to everythingWhere the need for  necessary travel is trumped by technologyWhere the need for urban in gratified in the micro environmentWhere cyber means that we utilize cyberAs communal experience vi…

The future will be Fire and a real keyboard

Amazon Kindle Fire | Detroit Free Press | " has sold millions of its popular Kindle Fire e-readers. /

For Amazon, the Fire is the next generation of e-reader -- a more tablet-like device that allows users to operate many of the apps available on the Android platform in addition to reading e-books."

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The Fire keyboard is fine for folk who type with their thumbs but has no attraction for the power user who works in words. To cease being an accessory it needs a keyboard at least as large as the Fire. Maybe on the flip side with a mini viewer. Whatever, this is the future.

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Go Daddy loses 21,000 and then shelves piracy stand

21,000 domains transfer out of Go Daddy in 1 day | Digital Media - CNET News: "Domain registrar Go Daddy lost over 21,000 domains yesterday. It could be a coincidence--or it could be the result of the company's p.r. debacle over its support for the Stop Online Piracy Act.

Yesterday, Go Daddy actually reversed course and dropped its support for the controversial legislation. "Go Daddy will support it when and if the Internet community supports it," Go Daddy CEO Warren Adelman announced in a statement.
SOPA, introduced in Congress this fall, would make it easier for the Justice Department to shut down sites allegedly dedicated to piracy.
An anti-Go Daddy thread on social site Reddit led to the creation of, a site set up to let people amass their disapproval with the company's support of SOPA."

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Money speaketh.
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The New Tao sounds in every hearing ear.

New Tao Posts: The Tao Knows all Beginnings and All Ends:

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The New Tao sounds in every hearing ear But pray and mindfulness opens the door But set your mind on all you're hoping for And see the New Tao banish every fear

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